Russell Millsaps, Ex-Mesa Cop, Accused of Molesting Kids and Sharing Child Porn

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Russell Millsaps
A retired Mesa cop is accused of molesting two kids, as well as sharing child porn with a man who was recently arrested in a Homeland Security investigation.

Search warrants served in the case provided police with several allegedly smoking guns, like the picture of Millsaps ejaculating into Hello Kitty underwear -- underwear that was recovered from the home of the victims, who are 4 and 7 years old, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

According to those documents, Homeland Security agents informed Mesa detectives about a recent child-porn arrest, in which their suspect was e-mailing MIllsaps, who turned 66 a little more than a week ago.

A search warrant was served at Millsaps' Mesa home, and police say images that are "easily classified" as child porn were immediately found on Millsaps' cellphone.

Police also found nude pictures of Millsaps on the phone, as well as the computer, including the aforementioned child's Hello Kitty underwear.

According to court documents, a distinct mole on Millsaps' hand is captured in that image.

Millsaps, who's lived with his wife for the last 40 years, has "consistent access" to the 4- and 7-year-old children, who were identified in the investigation, and interviewed by detectives.

The 4-year-old girl said Millsaps had taken naked pictures of her, according to the documents. The 7-year-old girl also described acts of molestation, per the documents.

It appears that Millsaps had been describing his alleged molesting of the children to the man whom he shared his child porn with.

"These acts are consistent with acts described in the emails between an email address which returns with an I.P. address at the defendant's home and the email address used by the suspect already arrested in another state," a probable-cause statement says.

It's not said whether the children allegedly molested by Millsaps are believed to be depicted in the child-porn images.

Millsaps was booked into jail on charges of child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor.

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Arizona has some real winners in Government;

A Governor with a Knife Point Rapist Son.

A Sheriff that is not only Gay but if he had had sex with a seventeen year old boy in Arizona would be a "Pedifile".

Many Child molesting Police Men/Sheriffs Posse Members..

And how can we forget the Mesa Fire Chief that was caught with his fifteen year old nieghbor girls pet Sheep?!!

Another Sheriff who ignored over four hundred, and fifty cases of Child Molestation, including repetative Rape!

I see no difference in the Child Rapist, and the Maricopa County Sheriff who allowed the Rape to continue!

To: Arizona Government


Hey EDDIE FARNSWORTH! do you like little girls as most Mormons do?

you are protecting your own,it would appear!


if you let the molesters go,you will have room for all those potheads,with or without a medical card.

maybe he could say that he thought they were 18,and get probation!

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