Princess Drennan's Mugshot Defeats the Purpose of Mugshots

How not to take a mugshot.

Believe it or not, there's a purpose to taking someone's picture when they're booked into jail.

The preceding sentence appears to have been left out of the training manual for the jail guards at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

See, you're supposed to be able to put a face to the name. It helps the cops, and sometimes victims of crimes, to identify them.

Even if someone's passed out next to the toilet, you have to get the face.



Sometimes, you just have to grab 'em by the ear and neck-skin, and get 'er done.

Michael Beltran

Really, what would happen if there were suddenly a massive manhunt for the woman pictured at the top of this post?

"Here ya go, boys, here's who we're all looking for. She may appear to be napping when you see her."

Wake up, Fourth Avenue Jail mugshot camera operator guy.

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

just goes to show you, MCSO is more interested in getting their "Photo of the Week" than they are of doing their job.  (which kind of lets you know how  Rocky Marquez just walked walked out, these are the photos they ID you as you leave with too)


fourth avenue jail mugshot camera operator guy.....THIS BUD'S FOR YOU!!!

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