New York Times Discovers People on Subway Don't Know Much About Scottsdale

Just another day on the subway.
Reporters for the New York Times rode a subway this week to ask riders about Scottsdale.

In the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau's latest attempt to get New Yorkers to visit Scottsdale, it's decorated subway cars, themed with potential tourist draws, like golf. The best part of this being, of course, the people who ride the subway.

Spending nearly a quarter-million bucks to appeal to what the Times calls the "grouches and hucksters of the New York City subway" might not sound like the greatest investment. Heck, they even did the math -- the visitor's bureau needs an extra 200 New Yorkers to visit Scottsdale to make this pay off.

So, how is it working on those New Yorkers?

"Pavla Bartoszova, 27, from Long Island, swore never to visit Arizona because 'Arizona is next to Oklahoma,' she said, wiping New Mexico from the map, 'and I hate Oklahoma.'"

Good. Next.

"It's not going to make me go to Arizona," Regina Shaw, a train operator for the shuttle, said on Tuesday night. "Florida, maybe."


Rob Fuller, from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, said that the interior designed to resemble a golf clubhouse, with its cushy-looking seats, "reminds me of my dad's car."

Are you taking a vacation to dad's car, sport?

A reporter with a video camera didn't get any better results.

The closest thing either reporter found was two guys standing next to each other, with a copy of the New Yorker -- ya know, the type to visit Scottsdale.

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Ha, this made me laugh. Do people who ride the subway golf? They don't know what they're missing.


I live in Scottsdale and do not want to visit New York, who wants to get mugged what is it 1 out of every 2 people get mugged at knife point? The other 1 out of 2 is actually doing the mugging?


At least they're making the effort to reach out in a non-traditional way to generate some interest.  Of course, about 5.25 million riders ride the NY subway each day so I'm sure that these 3 make a statistically appropriate survey size.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@JohnQ.Public I live in Phoenix, and would NEVER visit Scottsdale.  And I wouldn't need to fly or rent a hotel even if I did visit!  :)


@WhoKnows @JohnQ.Public Hey, at least Scottsdale doesn't LOOK too bad.  Way better than driving through

But yeah, not too much reason to go there except to see my endodontist.


@WhoKnows that's too have no idea how much fun you're missing. Could you imagine how pretentious I'd sound, though, if I said that I live in Scottsdale and would NEVER visit Phoenix?

66rock topcommenter

@TaxpayingVoter @WhoKnows @JohnQ.Public  Ha, I Live in Mesa and never drive through it!!  I go North to Scottsdale or West to Tempe and try to forget the rest of Mesa. Once in awhile I can't avoid it and every time I shake my head and say the same thing, "What an ugly town!" or "My god did they even think that planting some trees or a little landscaping might be a good thing!".

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