Mexico and Canada Brawled in Their World Baseball Classic Game at Chase Field (Video)

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Baseball fans at Chase Field got to see a rare event Saturday night -- a benches-clearing brawl in which the players actually brawled.

Canada and Mexico were facing off in pool play in the World Baseball Classic, when an apparent misunderstanding of the rules led to the fight.

In the case of a tie in pool play, a team's run differential would decide who moves on to the next round -- so Canadian Chris Robinson bunted for a single with a 9-3 lead, in an attempt to put more runs on the board.

It was wishful thinking, because neither team would end up advancing to the next around, and a couple of the Mexican players were pissed about the bunt.

So, after a Canadian player was hit by a pitch, a brawl erupted.

Check out some of the footage below, including (in order) perhaps the most inclusive coverage of what happened from ESPN, then the MLB Network highlight, followed by a bootleg recording of how it went down on TV:

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I was there for the Mexico-U/S. Game Friday night and Team Mexico getting its ass kicked on the field, both in the fight and in the game on Saturday, couldn't have been more deserved.  The Mexico fans I experienced Friday night were rude to the point of being downright nasty - both young and old alike.  There was a family with 3 little kids (10 and under) below us and the Team Mexico fans around us felt the need to shout down little children (including obscenities).   As an aside, Team Mexico fans need to learn that vuvuzelas and snare drums and  have no place at a baseball game - save them for your soccer match.  I wish it was Team USA that had prevailed in the game Friday, but a least our neighbors to the north took care of business on Saturday and Team Mexico fans are one and done - and deservedly so.

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