Mel McDonald, Former Anti-Drug U.S. Attorney, Speaks Against Pot-Destroying Law

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Mel McDonald
Former anti-drug crusader U.S. Attorney Mel McDonald, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, appears to be very serious about defending Arizona's medical-marijuana law as a citizen and father of a patient who uses medical marijuana.

You may have seen the video McDonald recorded a couple months ago, giving a glowing review of medical marijuana, but now we've found McDonald at the state capitol, telling legislators how outrageous it is to propose that authorities destroy any seized medical marijuana, even if it were wrongly seized.

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The reasoning, according to those supporting Senate Bill 1441, is that law enforcement officers could be prosecuted under federal law for giving back marijuana that was wrongly seized.

McDonald called bullshit, as you can see in the video below.

McDonald referred to that as "utter nonsense," and said it's just an attempt to backdoor legislation against the will of the voters.

"Mr. Leonardo, who used to work in my office is now the U.S. Attorney, [and] the Department of Justice, [have] more issues on their plate than worrying about a deputy sheriff turning back to a lady marijuana that should've never been seized in the first place," he said.

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With the video he previously recorded, and now with his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, we wondered whether (or really, who) pays McDonald for this. McDonald claimed he's "absolutely not" getting paid for speaking in defense of the medical-marijuana law.

McDonald continued to say that this proposed law is the Legislature's attempt to overrule voters and the Court of Appeals, and when it came time for questions for McDonald, everyone remained silent.

The bill passed the committee, by a vote of 5-3. Perhaps in comparison, out of the entire 30-member Senate, there were only three "no" votes total, when it passed the bill a couple weeks ago.

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why i think they should start confiscateing peoples wine cellers, cases of beer, and cartons of cigaretts also,ohh i forgot all those aged bottles of wiskey too!

ExpertShot topcommenter

I was in my Veterans Post (VFW) this Weekend and met a guy who was a Vietnam Vet.  He had Parkinsons and was shaking quite profusely.  We talked a little and then he said he had to go take his medicine in his car.  He came back in 10 minutes later and was completely calm, NO SHAKING!  I commented that the medicine worked and he said yes.  I could smell the cannabis on him.  I told him my wife, who has had migraines for 14 years takes cannamed and it stopped the debilitating paid immediately.  He was very afraid of this type of bill.  This was a guy who was a master sargent in Vietnam, no hippie - you people who are against medical cannibas are going to ROT for your disrespect shown to our service members and veterans!!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The AZ cops shouldn't destroy it, they should turn it over to the DEA for safekeeping and not worry about violating federal law.

The "patients" can then ask the DEA for their "medicine" back.



Very simple solution,

Let the cops destroy the cannabis but make them pay the person the value of the cannabis if it is determined that the person possessed it legally. 


Another bought and paid for pompous windbag lol.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

This is BULLSHIT! Not McDonald but this proposed law.

It's like going and buying a car, register it, make it all legal, get home, the cops come seize it, destroy it and never tell you why or charge you for whatever it was.



@Flyer9753 More along the lines of destroying your prescription meds than a car, but yeah. This McDonald guy, while he's defending something logical for once, seems as crooked and backwards as Reagan was. 

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