Max Wilson, One of Five County Supervisors, to Retire and Resign His Post of March 11; Cites Health Concerns

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Max Wilson, one of five Maricopa County Supervisors since 2002, announced today he will retire and step down on March 11 due to health concerns.

Max Wilson, one of five members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, announced today that he will retired and step down from his post on March 11 due to health concerns.

The real-estate developer was appointed to his seat representing the west Valley in 2002 and won his third full term on the board last year.

Here's a statement just released from Wilson:

Based on the advice of my doctors, it's in the best interest of everyone that I reprioritize, spend more time with my family and concentrate on my health. It has been an honor to serve, and I think I've made a positive contribution to the county and to the West Valley that I love. I respect the county too much not to give it and my constituents 100 percent of my effort and time.

From the county's news release:

Wilson was first appointed to the Board of Supervisors in February 2002 and has won subsequent elections in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2012. He served as chairman of the five-member board in 2005, 2009 and 2012. Wilson came to Arizona in 1959 when he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served till 1963. After working briefly as a civilian at Luke Air Force Base, he began his career in real estate and development, chiefly in the West Valley. Wilson also served on the Litchfield Park City Council and as vice mayor before his appointment to the board of supervisors. He is considered a common-sense conservative and a strong advocate of Luke Air Force Base and the West Valley.

Wilson was one of the quieter Supervisors, and during the years-long infighting between county leaders on one side and Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas on the other, he typically kept his head down, quietly supporting the sheriff. He tried to make nice with Thomas, inviting him to personally discuss the many lawsuits between the feuding parties.

Wilson's loyalty to the other GOP elected officials didn't keep him from being threatened by Arpaio in mid-2009 over budget issues. Later that year, Arpaio seemed to follow up on the threat, naming Wilson as a conspirator in a 2009 racketeering lawsuit along with four other Supervisors, judges, county staff members and local lawyers. The RICO lawsuit was later discredited, and Arpaio and Thomas withdrew it in disgrace.

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Thats pretty messed up man, I say off with his head!


Wilson has a shameful record as Supervisor.  He did nothing at all to control Sheriff Arpaio through The illegal prosecutions and arrests of Judges, County Supervisors, lawyers, and County employees; leading to the disbarment of the  County Attorney and his Chief Deputy.

Wilson did nothing at all to uncover or deal with the 432 sex crimes that were simply not investigated by Arpaio.

Wilson refused to make any effort to curtail the Sheriff's waste of taxpayer money and muddying of the state's reputation by Arpaio's absurd birther clowning.

Wilson did nothing at all to stop the Sheriff from attacking, charging and arresting his political opponents.

Wilson did nothing at all to stop the Sheriff from shackling women in labor, nor to protect the unborn from malnutrition at the Sheriff's hands, nor to see that adequate medical care was provided to pregnant inmates.  And Wilson CLAIMS to be pro-life.  

Wilson made zero effort - nothing at all - to deal with the ineffectiveness of the Sheriff: Violent crimes up in areas served by Arpaio; down everywhere else, major thefts ignored.  

Wilson did nothing (and one has to suspect, wanted nothing done) to control the Sheriff's mistreatment in the jails, Arpaio's racial profiling, all resulting in the horrendous slow moving tsunami of lawsuits that are slowly engulfing the County.

Wilson did nothing at all to control the Sheriff's mis-spending of $99.5 million in "mis-spent" taxpayer money, and numerous other smaller bits; corruption costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions.

It goes on and on and on.

Wilson was a dreadfully poor excuse for a public servant.  He didn't do his job.  Good riddance. 

66rock topcommenter

Ha, he supported Sheriff Joe and then Joe turned on him later on.  Way to go go, Joe, you ungrateful idiot.  Regardless, Max was one of those responsible for letting the sheriff get out of hand and to continue to run wild to this day.  Glad he's being replaced now.



Very well stated. I am having a difficult time believing you was able to get all of that out without turning it into a plug for the fake “recall” that’s going on. Congratulations, there may be hope for you yet.

66rock topcommenter

@bobunf thanks for posting that. Your bottom line is accurate, he did not do his job and just collected his pay.  No reason for pats on the back just because he retires.  Joe should have been reined in early on,  it is shameful that the county board has been given a pass on Arpaio. Good riddance.


@PosersSuck @bobunf There's nothing fake about the recall of Sheriff Arpaio.  The election will be November 5.  The people of Maricopa will have another chance to end the atrocities occurring on their watch under the Mussolini of Maricopa.

Go to and download the petition, volunteer and donate.  

How's that for a plug?


@bobunf @PosersSuck

Pretty good except you failed to put extra emphasis on the ‘DONATE’ part, which is the one and only reason for this fake fiascos existence in the first place.

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