Matthew Andersen Greets Police at Door Wearing "War Paint," Gets Tased

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Mesa Police Department

Early this morning, Mesa PD tased and arrested a man who answered the door with "war paint" streaked across his face, and who on other occasions had greeted police armed with a sword.

Neighbors in the 500 block of Alma School Road called police because they heard yelling and banging from the home of Matthew Andersen, 30.

According to the police report, a neighbor recorded Andersen raving about wanting to use an arsenal of guns to shoot people. Apparently, from previous interaction, police also knew Andersen carried throwing knives.

When police arrived, Andersen said he would shoot the officers, who also noticed he had smeared what looked like blood across his face, according to the report.

Police lured Andersen from the home, tased him, and when they checked inside they found a broken window punched out and a puddle of blood on the ground, a mattress barricading a door, a loaded sawed-off shotgun, a rifle, handgun, and myriad other tactical gear and weapons scattered through his house.

Mesa PD booked Andersen for threatening and intimidating, disorderly conduct, and weapon possession by a prohibited possessor.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Cops found numerous weapons in the home of a person prohibited from possessing firearms. Prediction: The County Attorney is going to turn this case over to the feds. Anderson will be spending many, many months in a federal lockup.

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