Is the Photo of Gabrielle Giffords With a Rifle an Example of "Elitist Hypocrisy"?

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Gabrielle Giffords (left) and a Tucson police officer.
A radio host from a Tucson radio station posted a photo online of what he calls proof of "elitist hypocrisy"-- former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords holding a so-called assault rifle.

The only thing is, that radio station host, as well as, showed the photo of Giffords with the rifle, although a Tucson police officer, in his SWAT uniform, is cropped out of the picture.

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That part was conveniently left out of the "reports" on the matter.

"Mark Kelly's campaign against 'assault weapons' such as the AR-15 rifle has sparked a local backlash," declares. "On March 13, a Tucson, Arizona radio host published a photograph of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords holding an AR-15 rifle at a gun range. Giffords has since confirmed that the photograph is authentic."

The guy who posted the photo, James T. Harris, claims it's evidence of "elitist hypocrisy."

"According my source, Giffords personally requested the photograph after shooting the AR-15," he writes. "Why is Giffords smiling? She's smiling because she loves her big ole 'assault riffle,' (sic) the AR-15."

The full photo, showing the police officer, along with an explanation, was later posted on Giffords' Facebook page.

"The first [photo] is at the Tucson Police Department firing range," the post in Giffords' name says. "They invited me to test rifles and tasers that they bought with federal funds, which I helped secure."

We'd like to think that changes things a bit, but let's hear from you. Knowing that Giffords' holding of the gun was related to a law-enforcement event, with cops, do you think it's still "elitist hypocrisy" for Giffords and her husband to campaign for gun-control laws?

Cast your vote below:

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Again, the Phoenix New Times only proves it exists because of the idiotic reporting habits of its writers.  You idiots forgot to add the fact that Giffords herself stated that she "wanted to appear stronger and tougher" for whatever that means to her disgusting hypocritical pandering for purely political purposes.  It's one thing to be honest about your thoughts, feelings, motives and positions but it is entirely a different matter to pretend to be something you are not purely for political purposes.  Then again, liberals tend to not care about being deceptive for political gain and no matter what political party they are from or what political affiliations they may have our elected officials have become as idiotic as the Phoenix New Times.


I don't see why it matters at all if the police officer is in the picture or cropped out. It doesn't change the fact that she has the gun in her hands, so I don't understand why PNT thinks that bit is so important.


Hm... I think the biggest argument here that's completely left out, is that this was OBVIOUSLY taken well before the shooting in Tucson which left Giffords barely alive.  Quite frankly, if an event like that happened to anyone, I seriously doubt their opinions and views on guns wouldn't dramatically change.


Interesting how the target appears to be an actual person (possibly a Hispanic male? teenage even?), not a generic silhouette.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

There must be some gun nuts who read PNT.

HaddieNuff Why is this even a question? Breitbart is notorious for doctored (i.e. 'heavily edited') photos and videos, not to mention a total disconnect from facts and reality.

To the question, however: Kelly and Giffords have always maintained they are gun owners and supporters of '2nd Amendment Rights.'  Then there's also the fact that I'm almost certain a bullet through the brain might well change one's opinion slightly.


She's smiling because the target looks a lot like Justin Beiber and....well I think that says it all.

(For yourproductsucks - that was sarcasm).


@HaddieNuff You make good points, but...why do they lobby to take guns from others, but pose for pics with their own "assault weapons?"

She did admit that the pic is righteous, so you lose on the argument that Breitbart may have edited it.

They seem to be more opportunists than victims, at this point


@travisfields probably prior to her bing shot - her right arm is mostly paralyzed so I'm not sure if she could hold the weapon this way now.


@JohnQ.Public @travisfields She is not denying this picture.  It may not appeal to an anti gun sentiment, but it is her words.  Her husband admitted to buying an AR recently that his admission came after several speeches damning firearms.

Folks, it is not the gun that kills.  It is the dipshit holding it.  We cannot outlaw dipshits, sadly!

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