Ian MacDonald Was "Pissed" Before Stabbing of Tyrice Thompson, Witness Tells New Times

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Ian MacDonald
Ian MacDonald, the man accused of fatally stabbing former ASU wide receiver Tyrice Thompson outside a Scottsdale bar in late January, was "pissed" and "acting like a dick" before the stabbing, a witness tells New Times.

That source, who was at the Martini Ranch bar with MacDonald's group that night, agreed to give us the details under the condition of anonymity.

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MacDonald, a former Marine who had a "top security clearance" -- at least, according to his lawyer -- is accused of stabbing Thompson outside the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale, where Thompson was a bouncer, on January 27. Thompson died a few days later and was never able to identify who stabbed him.

Scottsdale police have said that three people said MacDonald admitted to stabbing Thompson, but it doesn't appear that anyone actually saw the stabbing.

One person said MacDonald had asked for help getting rid of the knife after the stabbing, and the other two told police that MacDonald admitted he'd chucked it in a dumpster in Mesa.

Our source, like everyone cited in information submitted to county court, didn't see Thompson get stabbed.

"I was in the room where Ian had an altercation [with another group of bar-goers] and saw Thompson and another [bouncer] escort him out and he was flailing, being a dick," our source says. "Screaming, yelling obscenities. Then me and others in the group left five [minutes] later, and when I exited I saw Thompson writhing on the ground holding his stomach and his shirt came up and I saw five holes where he was beginning to bleed out."

Paramedics hadn't yet arrived, but Thompson was nowhere to be found, our source says.

MacDonald had blood on his shirt, but a "preliminary" DNA test showed the blood was not Thompson's, according to court documents previously obtained by New Times.

Before getting kicked out, MacDonald apparently had gotten into an argument with another group at the bar, and our source describes him as being "pissed, shaking" at that time.

MacDonald posted his $75,000 bond last week, and was released from jail while he awaits trial on his second-degree murder charge.

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If it was okay for Cordell Jude to shoot an unarmed disabled Hispanic man in a Taco Bell drive through and claim self defense, then it should have been okay for Mr. McDonald to shoot Tyrice Thompson in self defense too.


Will somebody convict this A-Hole already! Bring some closure to the Thompson family.


At least he is accussed of murder and not forgery - with a forgery charge he would still be sitting in jail. 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

This ex-grunt MacDonald is a certified a--hole alright. It seems that he can't hold his liquor. One day in the not too distant future the only booze he's going to get is pruno. As for those people who spoke to the reporter "on condition of anonimity," why? What are they afraid of, I wonder? If it was one of the bar tenders or other inside employees of Martini Ranch, you know that they're gonna get grilled. And they'd better not say that they didn't see anything.


haha what a bullshit article.  "on conditions of anonymity"


@JoeArpaioFan If it is okay for Shurf' Joe to ignore thousads of chld rapes and molestations then it should be okay to stab someone too. 

david_saint01 topcommenter

@reginalddenney lol as opposed to what, MacDonalds bullshit about calling 911 about his gf being cut when she wasnt?? dug himself a whole with that one..

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