Ian MacDonald, Man Charged in Scottsdale Stabbing Death of Tyrice Thompson, Posts Bond

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Ian MacDonald
The 26-year-old Tempe man arrested in the murder of former ASU wide receiver Tyrice Thompson has been released from jail.

Ian MacDonald, a former Marine who had a "top security clearance" -- at least, according to his lawyer -- is accused of stabbing Thompson outside the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale, where Thompson was a bouncer, on January 27. Thompson died a few days later.

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Scottsdale police had requested a $1 million bond for MacDonald, which is a typical number in a murder case.

At a release hearing, a prosecutor offered a lower number for bond, citing the facts of the case, and the judge said that she took into account MacDonald's military service when decided his bond -- $75,000.

MacDonald was able to post that bond, and was released from jail late last week.

Not long after that, he was on 12 News to plead his innocence.

There's not too much to what he said, though, as his lawyer -- who came to the TV interview with him -- advised him not to answer any questions about the stabbing.

Scottsdale police have said that three people said MacDonald admitted to stabbing Thompson. An attorney who initially represented MacDonald claimed police had "exactly nothing" against him.

MacDonald had blood on his shirt, but a "preliminary" DNA test showed the blood was not Thompson's, according to court documents previously obtained by New Times.

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That's interesting - accused of killing someone = $75,000 bond; accused of working in the country illegally = no bond permitted.  I guess that makes working in the country illegally a much worse crime than killing someone?!?!?!?

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