Hikers Find Gun, Grenades, and "Possible C-4 Explosives" in Desert, Along With Map to More

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Attention: if you hid your guns, ammo, grenades, and "high explosives" in the desert near State Route 87, you're not very good at hiding things.

Hikers found the aforementioned items in the past couple of days, and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and a pair of federal agencies are now utilizing a map and notes found alongside these items on their scavenger hunt for more caches of weapons in the desert.

MCSO Sergeant Brandon Jones says in an e-mail that the hikers, in an area called the Great Western Trail, were in the area Sunday when they found an ammo can with ammo and a handgun.

The same hikers made a trip of there Monday, and found another ammo can, this one containing hand grenades and "possible C-4 explosives along with detonation cords," Jones says.

MCSO deputies were called out, and they found five more ammo cans with explosives and ammunition.

In addition to that, one of the cans found Monday night also held a map, which points to "several other spots" in the desert, Jones says.

While utilizing the map, deputies -- who are now getting help from the ATF and FBI in the investigation -- found a handgun at one of the sites but no more explosives, as of shortly before 1 p.m. today.

However, deputies found another note, this one "describing high explosives at another spot on the map," Jones says. The MCSO doesn't know why someone would do this, or who did it.

Appropriately, Jones writes, "The search continues . . . "

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Did Arpaio's Nazi Pal J.T. Ready leave more Military Gear given to him by Corrupt Sheriffs where he and his band practiced ambushing Immigrants?

Arpaio's Front Yard would be the most protected place for practicing shooting Immigrants.

Or perhaps "Pinal County."

WhoKnows topcommenter

Maybe someone was geo-caching and took a trinket from the cache and left c4 in it's place.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

I am not claiming this is a publicity stunt (yet), but this really, really sounds like another louie Puroll

ExpertShot topcommenter

These stashes of weapons are all over the desert - put there by right-wing extremists.  Hate groups in the US have grown from 602 in the year 2000 to over 1007 in 2012.  These nuts are being egged on by the Republicant party and have caused great damage to our Republic.  They seriously believe that they will be part of a civil war in this country and are planning for it.  You can see it on Facebook any day, more and more people in authority are making bigoted statements about minorities and other non-christian religions (including the Jewish religion).  There are 26 such groups in Arizona alone.  Recently the ideas of the John Birch society were embraced by the Republicant's presidential candidate (i.e., Russia is the No. 1 geopolitical foe of the US and the source of all evil).  You know what these nut-jobs' newest enemy is?  YOGA!!!!  Yup.  These people are absolutely nuts folks and we need to take them seriously.  Report any incidents of bigotry you see to the Southern Poverty Law Center at www.splcenter.org and donate money to them.  SPLC is truly doing the hard work to fight hate in the US on a daily basis.


OHH no,they found my stash,where is the weed i left out there?

you never know when obama might try to take my guns!!!


I think the Maricoppa co. sheriff's department simply forgot where they put their weapons. The hikers deserve a big thank you from ole Shurf Joe for locating their misplaced inventory. 


@ExpertShot fuck off. SPLC is a completely political organization and for your information, the people that hide ammo and provisions in the wilderness are more likely to be doomsday preppers or survivalists than "hate group" members. Did the caches of bullets say something racist or offensive or did I miss something?


@ExpertShot Please re-adjust your tinfoil hat to the proper factory settings.  You are beginning to sound like a retard.

PS: This is not bigotry, or racism. This is simply the view from afar.  You truly do sound like an asshole


@ExpertShot I like how your argument, if you replaced all the nouns with Liberal terms, sounds exactly as crazy as the Tea Party gang. Then, at the end, you ask for money. Hahaha!

ExpertShot topcommenter

@fireserphent @ExpertShot SPLC is not an organization I get paid to solicit money for - I donate money to them.  They take down racists and clowns like the KKK and groups like J.T. Ready was a member of "NSM".  Racists and the far right are not conservatives or liberals, they are radicals and should be dealt with like the domestic terrorists they are.  

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