Gilbert 5-Year-Old Finds Some Guns, Fires One in the Street

An example of a small child holding a gun.
As if there was a need for more reasons for Arizona to be stereotyped as a state full of gun nuts, get a load of this one from the town of Gilbert -- a 5-year-old went shooting this weekend.

This wasn't a supervised shooting expedition, either. Police say the 5-year-old took a pair of guns while he was being watched by a babysitter -- "watched" being a relative term -- and a neighbor watched him fire one off in the street this weekend.

According to information provided by Gilbert PD, the neighbor called police to report the little boy shooting the gun shortly after 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police discovered that six children were being watched at the home -- near Guadalupe and Lindsay roads -- by a 27-year-old babysitter. Four of the kids lived at the home, while two of the kids were the babysitter's.

The 5-year-old went off to the master bedroom closet, found a shotgun and a 9mm handgun, and hauled them off to the front yard, according to police.

The boy dropped the handgun, but pointed the handgun east and fired. There's a Christian preschool about a block east of the home, but police say there were no injuries and no property damage anywhere as a result of the gun discharging.

Child Protective Services ended up coming to the house to investigate, but there hasn't been any significant action taken.

Just in case you need a PSA from GIlbert police about kids and guns, here it is:

The Gilbert Police Department urges adults and parents to talk to kids about the potential dangers of firearms, and firearm safety. Parents should take the time to teach their children what to do if they do come across a firearm. If the decision is made to keep a firearm in the home it is vital to ensure it remains out of the hands of those who cannot safely possess it. It is the firearm owner's responsibility to ensure their firearm does not fall into the wrong hands.

The safest way to store a firearm is unloaded in a firearm safe or locker. Other levels of security might include adding a trigger lock and storing ammunition in a separate location.

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@Flyer9753 , thank you for pointing out the registration flaw, fact is I love my country but it does not mean I have to agree with my government. As a black man I have encountered many racial profiling s with police and other law enforcement agencies, which I understand too a point.  However, it has been proved in 1999 that the government conspired to kill MLK and I would not agree on banning extended clips or assault weapons, how many can you kill with a pistol of limited range and a 10 round clip if war came to this country, which in time it will! History has proven that fact over time, no matter the superior force or not, tides shift and power struggles still continue, what will you want to defend yourself if that time comes? All the super nations thought they were untouchable at one time or another, what makes us different? Because we are in our times now?


This is insane.  do you want to do background checks for car buyers or restrict who can own a car now because some parent let heir child take the car and they drove drunk and killed someone????

No, you hold the PERSON responsible, not the car or the laws that allowed someone to legally buy that car.

Just another liberal excuse to take away our rights and make us dependent on the government for everything....


Our legislature is too preoccupied with keeping medical pot out of kids' hands to bother with trivial things like ensuring people lock their guns up.

Troy Farah Faucet
Troy Farah Faucet

Taking over. It won't be long. Kids with guns. Kids with guns.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Part of owning a gun is being responsible with it, especially when there are small kids around.

These parents need to be charged with public endangerment or something similar. Time to send a message that while everyone has the right to own a gun, everyone also has a responsibility to be responsible with that gun, including how it is stored so this kind of thing does not happen.

Glad no one was hurt, but a message needs to be sent so this type of thing does not continue to happen.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Those parents need 30 days in jail!


This could have been an incredibly tragic outcome - its fortunate that no one was injure or killed.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@hartman.stephen @Flyer9753  

You are welcome.

I agree with everything you say, however, it has to be tempered with the reality of the age and the fact that part of living in a society is doing what is best for the growth of that society.

One of the biggest arguments I hear about the second is that it's to stop an oppressive government, our own, from being able to do exactly what you state in relation to MLK. 

Now let's look at that. If the Govt. really wants to go to war with the populace, the populace stands no chance in a direct conflict unless the balance of power is the same and assault weapons or any type of firearm is simply inadequate to balance the field. An AK does not stand up to a drone, a tank, and APC, a missile, etc...

That being said and realizing the reality of that statement, means the 2nd is no longer about protecting ourselves from our own government, but from each other. 

When the 2nd was put in place, it was a balance of power, in fact the power actually rested with the people since more of the people had guns and cannons than the Govt. did at that time. That is no longer the case simply due to technology.

Once you acknowledge that, you also have to acknowledge that the only reason for an assault weapon is to either protect yourself or to kill a lot of other people while trying to look like a badass.

Assault weapons are not valid home defense weapons since they are cumbersome in tight quarters, most people when in a shooting situation do not shoot straight anyways even at a distance of 10 feet unless they have been in a shooting situation before and know what it is like to shoot at a human being which is not as easy as it sounds, also assault weapons are almost always of a caliber that even if you hit the person the bullet is going to go through them, through the wall behind them, through the next wall, into the next house, etc... You see the problem.

Shotguns and handguns are the only real home or personal defense weapons that are viable for those reasons.

You mention invasion, which is a very good point, but the same things I mention in relation to our own Govt in todays day in age apply here too, unless we are going to giver everyone RPG's and missiles of their own - not a practical thing. 

If the US is invaded, the citizenry will not be fighting in the streets against tanks with AK's and the like, it's going to be a guerrilla war waged by those that escape the initial invasion and roundup. 

In that situation, rifles are just as good if not better since they are more accurate than an assault weapon since almost all assault weapons are carbines (commonly called a short rifle) and handguns are still the best for close in personal defense since they are more accurate in close quarters than a rifle or assault weapon that has is larger and therefore more cumbersome and slower to move onto the target simply because of it's size.

Magazines are able to be swapped quickly but in the case of a shooter in a group of unarmed or limited armament that 1-2 seconds that it takes to swap a magazine is an opportunity for someone to intervene, as was done when Giffords was shot and as has happened in other crazy shooter situations.

There is no reason for a person looking at home or personal defense to need a 15/30/40/50 round magazine - few situations where a citizen is put in a situation of shooting have them shooting at multiple targets and if you can't hit it in a few shots, you are more of a danger to yourself and others around you than you are to the attacker.

BTW - not sure if it's a typo, so if it is please excuse this, but MLK died in 1968 so how was it the Govt. was conspiring to kill him in 1999????


@Flyer9753 While you and I may not always see eye-to-eye on guns, on this you and I can definitely agree.


@Flyer9753  Hi-cap magazine - neutral - don't know that the issue is hi-cap magazines. The problems with the shootings we've seen is behavioral. If we had a better mental health system and wrapped appropriate outreach efforts to change attitudes about appropriate ways to resolve problems, then hi-cap mags would be irrelevant then hi-cap mags wouldn't be a problem.

Assault style weapons - neutral - its a behavior problem not a weapons problem. But if a shooter can't get an assault-style weapons, the shooter would find other means to cause the same amount of carnage..

Bars - Agreed

Property owner - agreed.

Responsible legally - absolutley

Armed Society Polite Sociaty - Disagree - I think an armed society is a violent society. Alcohol is sometimes called Liquid Courage. Guns, to me, are Metal Courage. They give people the courage to behave badly. People who are inclined to behave badly often feel empowered through guns in a way that they wouldn't without guns. That being said, it is still a behavioral issue to me, not a gun issue,



Sorry I couldn't respond yesterday - went into meeting that took me into late into the day. Here's my thoughts.

Registration - I feel that it is within the regulatory power to make registration mandatory, though I'm neutral as to whether registration would actually matter in reducing gun violence. This is where you felt strongly but I disagreed the other day.

Background checks - Agreed, but neutral on national registry.

Mental health - absolutely, but focus on making treatment options available inexpensively and with less stigma so people with mental health issues are more likely to be referred or self-referred..

Open carry - I dislike open carry because it can easily lead to intimidation Not frequently, but there are times that I see the "I get the right of way because I have a piece strapped to my hip" attitude that drives me nuts.

Concealed carry - Like it better than open carry. If open carry is permitted, though, then no reason concealed shouldn't be.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@JohnQ.Public @Flyer9753  

Close. Here is my outlook on it.

I do not feel registration should be mandatory as it creates a privacy issue as well as defeats one of the reasons for the second amendment. 

I do feel background checks should be mandatory for all purchases, commercial and private, but we need a system that will allow sellers (private and corp) to do these checks in a manner that does not create a national registry database (privacy issue) - responsibility for the check on the seller with stiff fines and jail time for those that do not do it.

I do feel we need to place more emphasis on mental health, identifying people with problems and addressing those, and linking the mental health system to that background check system

I do believe all citizens should be able to open carry, I do not agree with concealed carry unless the person has had training on safety, how to shoot and when to shoot, etc.. - not necessarily registration, but at least some basic training, carrying concealed is not the same as carrying open - perhaps a requirement to attend a certified training school and carry that certification with you to be shown upon demand to LEO's to justify the concealed carry

I do agree with hi-cap magazine restrictions

I do agree with certain weapons, assault style weapons, not being available without registration or enhanced background checks, the latter preferred.

I do agree with banning weapons from bars and other places alcohol is served - do not agree with these crappy "gun free zones", it's just advertisement for the nutz to know where to go so possible response is longer

Any owner of a property should be able to, as they are now, state "no guns allowed" and so on

I do feel that we need to require that owners be ultimately responsible legally. You bought it, you knew when you bought it that you were buying a deadly weapon, you need to be ultimately responsible for it - like in this story - the parents need to be held responsible for loosing control of the weapon

I'm a firm believer in a responsibly armed society is a polite society, so to speak. I wish we as human beings were grown up enough to not need guns, but that simply is not the case.

I probably missed a few details there, but that's basically where I stand on gun rights.


@Flyer9753 My impression was that we disagreed on the permissible amount of regulation of firearms that is allowed under the second amendment.  I think that you feel that the second amendment significantly restricts regulation of firearms (e.g. registration) while I feel that it permits more significant regulation.  Maybe I'm mistakend and thinking of another poster.

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