Efrain Nunez, Pulled Over With Almost 1,000 Pounds of Weed, Says He's Just on a Test Drive

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Efrain Nunez
If you get pulled over with 1,000 pounds of weed in your vehicle, it's probably going to be pretty hard to come up with an excuse.

Case in point: Authorities say 31-year-old Efrain Nunez was pulled over in Glendale yesterday while driving a van with nearly 1,000 pounds of marijuana in it, and explained that he was just, um, test-driving the van.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, detectives in a drug task force from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office were doing surveillance on a house near 83rd and Maryland avenues -- just a couple miles east of University of Phoenix Stadium -- and watched the van pull in a residence's garage.

Efrain eventually left the house, and the weighted-down van was pulled over.

According to information provided by MCSO, detectives could smell the marijuana coming from the van, and when a search warrant was executed, a total of 39 plastic-wrapped marijuana bales were found.

"Efrain claimed to be taking the vehicle for a test drive," the Sheriff's Office says. Efrain apparently didn't mention how the van's suspension performed with the 1,000-pound payload.

To be sure, court documents state that nobody else came our left the house but Efrain, and a garage-door opener in the van opened the garage.

According to MCSO, it appears that the Glendale house was some sort of marijuana repackaging facility, as multiple rolls of industrial plastic wrap were also found at the house.

Nunez was jailed on a pair of felony marijuana-related charges.

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When he said he was "testing it" he meant the weed, not the van. 

Avery Marx
Avery Marx

amnesty now! he was only trying to provide for his family because 1070 has made it so hard to find work!!

Sean Katz
Sean Katz

Your typical illegal alien. Send him to prison.

Jim Grant
Jim Grant

Bye Bye ur going on a trip LOL That's a lot of weed


EFRAIN!!.......is this why you didn't show up at my house yesterday???

Man ,,I will never score any weed!!!

Ted Meyer
Ted Meyer

No lol support legal weed and crimes like this and killings will go away

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol wait, it was wrapped and MCSO says they could smell it from how far away? I smell something else, BS. 


@david_saint01 just so happened the house was also under surveillance.  apparently they could smell it far enough ahead of time to travel backwards in it.

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