Dumber Airport Decision: Packing a Grenade or Telling TSA Your Soda Can Will Detonate?

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Yesterday, we reported two incredibly dumb decisions made by people trying fly out of Valley airports.

One person decided to pack a grenade in their luggage at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, while another, at Sky Harbor International Airport, told TSA agents that his soda cans would detonate.

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According to Mesa police, the grenade's owner explained that the grenade -- which just had been purchased at a local antique store -- was non-functional.

Mesa cops called the owner of the antique store and confirmed what the grenade owner said. Still, Mesa PD's Hazardous Devices Team checked out the grenade and determined that it wasn't functional.

The area where the grenade was found had been evacuated for an hour on Sunday, as police and TSA investigated.

While we checked with the TSA to see how often people try to bring grenades on planes -- the answer, unfortunately, was a "weekly basis" -- we found another tale of a doofus at an airport.

The TSA, giving a weekly roundup of things that happened at airports around the country, explained some stuff "not to say at an airport."

"After being told he was not permitted to bring two cans of soda in his checked baggage, a Phoenix (PHX) passenger told the Officer that each soda can had a 30-second detonator inside of it," TSA says. "There were no detonators in the cans."

Now, we need you to decide which idea was dumber: packing a grenade, or saying there are explosives in your soda cans because you can't bring them on a plane.

Cast your vote below:

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well the grenade was dumb it was safe and the owner was at least trying to think.

the kid with the cans, well, that's just down right silly.


TSA Agents are clearly as dumb as the day is long if theyare unable to determine whether a grenade is live or not. What idiots.



@zinxminx once you spot the item you don't handle it stupid, I think I just found a job for you in the future shaking suspicious packages for $10bucks an hour.


@zinxminx Easy to pass judgment when you're not the one responsible for the safety of the 150 souls on that flight, isn't it.

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