Daylight Saving Time Sounds Like a Miserable Event for the Rest of the Country

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Daylight Saving Time is miserable -- so we've heard.

Because DST is stupid and we don't respect it, Arizona, like Hawaii, does not participate in this biannual clock-changing game.

The Navajo Nation still participates in DST, but for the rest of Arizona, we get to sit back and be observers to the misery that's sweeping the nation.

To dive into the woe and despair around the country, check out some of the news coverage:

Sounds terrible.

It's 10:30 a.m. at the time of this post, after not playing with our clocks, and it's sunny and 60 degrees right now at the New Times office. It probably sucks to be just about anywhere else.

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I like not having to honor it, but if you don't understand how to work with it, you are a serious idiot.  


i remember,1966,arizona tried DST .

I had to go to bed,when it was still daylight outside! at 6 years old I knew I didnt like it.

arizona opted out after that year.


I remember trying to explain DST to my daughter with little luck. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that time was just a made up number, much less why we would screw with it for arbitrary reasons. As usual she was right. We don't care for any extra daylight, thanks.

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