David Burnell Smith, Ex-Lawmaker, Teams Up With Larry Klayman in Fight of Arpaio Recall

David Burnell Smith
Former Republican legislator David Burnell Smith, a birther and DUI attorney recently arrested for alleged DUI, is doing Larry Klayman's bidding in the fight against the recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

As many people pointed out as Klayman continued to claim that he'd try to get the recall effort shut down, he's not licensed to practice law in Arizona. Smith, however, is.

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That's why Smith's listed atop the complaint against Respect Arizona, and its effort to recall Arpaio.

Smith was a member of Arpaio's legislative birther gang, which continuously tried to pass legislation related to President Obama's birth certificate.

In fact, it was exactly one year ago yesterday that we were setting behind conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi at the old capitol in Phoenix, as Arpaio, birther squad lead investigator Mike Zullo, Representatives Smith, Carl Seel, and Jack Harper, as well as Senator Lori Klein held a press conference to push Seel's latest birther bill.

As expected, Smith and Klayman used a stale argument in their complaint, that a recall petition can't be filed against someone until they've been in office six months. Arpaio's been in office since '93, but Klayman, and apparently Smith, think that it means six months after re-election.

Arizona Statute, the Secretary of State, and common sense all say otherwise.

Most people are familiar with Klayman's, um, interesting legal career -- including his recent lawsuit against New Times -- but Smith's a little different.

Smith's a criminal-defense attorney, specifically one who claims he "fights for those who have been arrested and/or charged with a DUI," which may or may not include himself.

Smith reportedly tried to blame mouthwash for his alleged blood-alcohol level, and he went with the infamous, "Do you know who I am?" line on the arresting officer after he "stumbled" out of the car before a DUI arrest in Scottsdale in October.

Smith ended up losing his re-election bid last year, after getting beat out in the primary.

The recall election complaint can be seen here.

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diddler and drunks seem to be par for the course in the Arizona GOP

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

pedophiles (Klayman), drunks (Brewer, Smith), crooks (Henderschott, Zullo), crackpots (Corsi, Robert Graham), baby killers (J.T. Ready), racists (J.T. Ready, McCain) all support Arpaio and his policies..........did I leave anything out?  anybody else see a really really bad pattern emerging here?


Hey Dummies! You are wrong. We are Republicans. If we all wish really hard we can make the six-month rule in the constitution (ARS 19-202)  go away. We are not wasting our money and everyone's time. You'll see, you hippie pothead liberals!You guys running the recall are broke and are being mean to a really super person. Please stop. ok?


Maybe Smith can tell us the results of the BAC test that was administered, it isn't affected by "mouthwash".

Still unexplained is how that mouthwash caused David's car to swerve while being driven.  

Or maybe David doesn't understand that you aren't supposed to drink the stuff, just gargle and spit it out.


What a pair of loons.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Is Jaffy Robert Graham, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party? If he is, I'm STUNNED. Arizona Republicans, as a class, are nuttier than a pet aardvark. But this takes the cake.

robert_graham topcommenter

You just can't stand the thought of anybody getting in your way of the recall can you?  And you'll come up with every cockamame reason to justify it. Well, you're through. Your campaign is over! Heck, you can't even find volunteers to help you so that's why you paid Sign Here Petitions to do your canvassing.  But now you are broke and you can't afford to pay them anymore you have to again rely on volunteers. But the truth is if you did not have volunteers before, you certainly don't them now so I guess you are fucked. Even that whore-slut Lilia Alvarez admits you are in trouble. My take: no money no recall. Ha ha!

Check out the new http://RespectArizona.info website. I explained this there.


@JokeArpaioFan "You are wrong. We are Republicans. If we all wish really hard we can make the six-month rule in the constitution (ARS 19-202)  go away."

 Check out United States Constitution,  Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3, then come back and talk to us about how making the six-month rule go away is going to stop this particular petition drive against your hero. 


@JokeArpaioFan19-202. Recall petition; limitations; subsequent petition

A. A recall petition shall not be circulated against any officer until he has held office for six months, except that a petition may be filed against a member of the legislature at any time after five days from the beginning of the first session after his election. The commencement of a subsequent term in the same office does not renew the six month period delaying the circulation of a recall petition.



You mean that 6 month rule that EXPLICITLY says doesn't restart if someone is re-elected?  Joe was elected MANY YEARS ago.  MANY YEARS ago is > 6 months.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  did you ever think that maybe we pay the petition gatherers because we all have to work 2 jobs to pay off all the lawsuits we have to pay for because of Arpaio? there were just a few more settlements  paid out jacking the total money Arpaio has cost us even closer to that $1 billion mark he is shooting for. if you believe in him so much, you pay those taxes. he's your choice so those taxes should come out of your pocket, not mine

david_saint01 topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFanfirst, no one gives two shits about your pathetic, shitty website nor your flawed and deranged opinions. Second, its spelled cockameme, and thats exactly what the reasons for the recall campbell add up to..especially since one reason is that Chad took gifts from the Fiesta Bowl, even though he didnt take them he paid for them, and the same people initiating the recall are from Pearces camp..who took 40k and didnt pay back a cent! Dont get me started on the city of Mesa towing contracts either, and the bribes he took for that. (and they too are paying for signatures, so i dont know why you would continue to mention that) Third, you just cant stand the thought of anyone not sucking joes cock like you do daily, and wanting a professional sheriff who worries more about community safety than his ego...Fourth, either show yourself, or get fucked and piss off you little punk bitch. Lastly, why is it that every joe supporter hides behind fake names? Not just you, but 95% of pro joe comments come from fictitious accounts..if "the people" are so behind him, why do you only do it from the shadows? the word YELLOW comes to mind...


No, Really. If we all just close our eyes and wish *REALLY* hard we can make the parts of the constitution that we dont agree with go away! Think I'm kidding?


No, Really. If we all just close our eyes and wish *REALLY* hard we can make the parts of the constitution that we dont agree with go away! Try it! All us goons are doing it.

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