Coyotes' Mikkel Boedker Can't Find Phoenix on a Map in Hilarious Weather Report

Mikkel Boedker's struggle to find Phoenix.
If ABC 15 is doing something right these days, it's having local athletes do the weather report.

First, it was Charles Barkley -- who asked, "When the rain gon' stop?" -- but now it's Phoenix Coyotes forward Mikkel Boedker, who provided perhaps the best weather report in Phoenix history, starting off with a lengthy struggle to locate Phoenix on the map.

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The advice of a 23-year-old Dane who's due to make a million bucks this year is really what's important about this weather report.

The Grand Canyon? It only takes five minutes to see that.

Scottsdale and Paradise Valley? Yeah, buddy.

Check out this great weather report below, and below that, you can find SportsCenter's not top 10 plays, including Boedker's weather report:

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It's actually very difficult for the first few times. The 'screen' to the right is actually blank and is blue or green. The forecaster has to look at a television in front of himself and watch himself point to the actual locations. If you watch forecasters you will see they never actually look 'at' the screen, which is showing on television. I guess he needs to take a drive over to Surprise... but I think he really likes Scottsdale..

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

lmao that's the funniest shit I've read in a long time. This guy makes Jaffy look sane.

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