Christopher Clark of Mesa Addicted to Child Porn, Wife Does In-Home Child Care

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Image: MCSO mugshots
Christopher Clark, 53, of Mesa, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing child porn videos. His wife runs an in-home babysitting service.
Christopher Clark must know a few things about temptation.

The 53-year-old Mesa man reportedly is obsessed with videos of little kids having sex. Meanwhile, his wife -- a former preschool teacher -- has kept the home full of little kids, as she runs an in-home babysitting service and takes care of several grandchildren.

Authorities have no evidence of any improper hands-on sexual activity by Clark, who works at a Valley Home Depot. But Clark's likely going bye-bye for a while after the discovery of many gigabytes of child-porn video files on his home computer.

Clark was nabbed after a Pennsylvania-based Internet monitoring company, Tiversa, reported to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office that a large amount of apparent child-porn files were being gathered by Clark.

Deputies tracked the IP address of the computer to Clark's home at 4937 East Fox Street in Mesa, and a "substantial" number of child-porn videos were found during an initial review of his hard drive, records state. Many of the videos showed kids who were clearly prepubescent having sex with adults.

Clark "fully admitted" the files were his and that he had an unrestrainable impulse to view videos of both boys and girls engaged in sex acts. His wife had caught him viewing some of the videos six months earlier, he confessed, and he burned child-porn discs he had made in his fireplace. But, he told deputies, he couldn't help himself from downloading more videos.

He denied any "hands-on offenses" despite the presence of many kids in his home, records state.

Clark was booked into jail on suspicion of 10 counts of exploitation of minors.

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robert_graham topcommenter

Blame for his addiction to child porn.

Durrty Geedizzle
Durrty Geedizzle

And fuck anybody who sympathizes w this sick fuck. Pussy needs to get raped in prison then see how he feels wat he does to kids. He got lucky an they caught him for wat they did but I'm sure the punk has done worse. Fuck em he's a piece of shit an that's that!

Durrty Geedizzle
Durrty Geedizzle

Fuck this puto piece child pedepgiler. Casterate da motha fucker

Valerie Vieira-Gardner
Valerie Vieira-Gardner

This is why I went with a Nationally known large daycare center to watch my kids. Out of fear of pervs like him!

Raug AJ
Raug AJ

This man needs help and his wife's business needs to be closed down immediately.

Raug AJ
Raug AJ

Arizona Luke - to whom do you speak? 'you guys'? Which guys?

david_saint01 topcommenter

notice, they only act when spoon fed the arrest..


Wow thats messed up man, I say off with his head!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

If anyone were asked to "spot the pervert" this guy would be a no-brainer. The steely eyes, the ruddy complexion and the grey facial hair tells it all.


where he's going,other people with"unrestrainable impulses"will have fun with him!

maybe dressed as a ballerina?

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