Brett Mecum, AZ's Republican Superhero, Lands Job with State AG Tom Horne as Legislative Liaison

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Tom Horne's new legislative liaison (in Captain America costume), Brett Mecum.

Brett Mecum, local Republican Party operative and dirt magnet, has landed a job as legislative liaison for someone with a reputation even more tarnished than his: State Attorney General Tom Horne.

Mecum was fired as the Arizona GOP's executive director in May of 2011 for unknown reasons. But it wasn't exactly a shock: Mecum had been involved in a steady stream of mini-scandals by that point.

One faux pas involved the surfacing of racy pictures of Mecum dressed as Captain America, receiving a simulated blow job from a lady friend.

Here's a quick run-down of some of Horne's new aide's previous misadventures:

See also: GOPer Brett Mecum Called "Creepy Around Women" in Criminal Stalking Complaint

See also: Brett Mecum: Speeder, Alleged Stalker, Fired GOP Director, and Now, Water Board Candidate

mecum mug shot.jpg
Brett Mecum's mug shot following his 2009 arrest for going 109 mph on the Loop 101 freeway.
* In 2009, a year after buying a new Ford Mustang, Mecum ignored the high-profile speed cameras then mounted all over local freeways and went for a 109-mph drive. He was later arrested by an AZ Department of Public Safety officer at the state GOP headquarters. Mecum took a plea deal in the case two years later.

* The same year, a woman filed a stalking complaint against Mecum with the Maricopa County Sheriff's office. The unidentified woman claimed Mecum was "creepy and intimidating around women" and that he'd shown up uninvited to her party, saying that he'd used a state voter registration list to find her address, which would have been illegal. Mecum denied the women's allegations. He was never charged.

* Jennifer Barber, who was running for the Goodyear City Council in 2008, would later tell the FBI that when she met with Mecum and another Republican operative, Constantin Querard, Mecum told her that if she gave $2,000 to Querard, they'd make sure she received an endorsement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Mecum never returned our calls on that one, but Querard quipped that Barber must be "on drugs." Barber maintains her story is true.

Mecum tried last year to switch to the other side of the political table, running for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District board. He came in ninth out of 10 candidates by the time votes were counted.

At least he's found a real job.

But we can't help but wonder: What does Horne see in Mecum?

Horne wasn't available for comment today. His spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, says she knows Mecum is very well connected politically at the State Legislature, and that he's worked as liaison for about five weeks. She didn't have his salary available immediately.

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I am looking forward to voting for Felicia in 2014. Fortunately Mr. Montgomery has been instrumental in making sure Mr. Horne won't be positioned for a run at governor, and it seems likely Montgomery will have a fair shot at Horne in a primary, should Horne still be walking 'free' by then. In any case I am expecting the Republican reign on the state Attorney General's office to end in 2014. 

Is Mecum nothing more than a taxpayer employed lobbyist for the A.G.?

Why the hell are we taxpayers funding a position known as "Legislative Liaison"? 

I think careful attention to Mecum's business expenses account should be paid.


Where's Kavanagh in all of this?  Did he take the picture?

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol i dont want to hear anymore talk about Chicago from tea bags and the GOP...especially now that we have officially become the GOP Barnum and Bailey Circus show

Jeff Mahigian
Jeff Mahigian

No surprise here. Dirt bag attorney general surrounds himself with dirt bags.


To paraphrase an old saying, sleaze is as sleaze does.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Let the Cuban party whore get busy - now she has two pickles to pack!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

This Mecum character is a total geek. No wonder the chickies won't give him the time of day.

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