Bootlegged Booze and a Meth Lead to Murder on the Navajo Reservation

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A drive to a local bootlegger for a bottle of vodka turned into an allegedly meth-addled murder, according to Navajo Nation police. 

Randly Begay, a member of the nation, his girlfriend, and a friend, piled into a gray GMC Safari van Monday morning and drove to near Tuba City to pick up a bootlegged pint of vodka, a police report states. After they finished the bottle, they bought another and a 40-ounce of beer. On the ride home, Randly accused his girlfriend of infidelity and reportedly became increasingly frustrated.

"Why do you do this to me?" he asked as they parked in front of their home, according to the report. He laid a handgun on his lap and the friend, identified in the report only as "R.B.", asked Begay not to shoot the gun in his car because his mother would be mad if it broke his window. Lionel Begay, a relative, joined and noticed they all appeared fairly high on meth. 

"You don't think I can do this shit?" Randly said, according to the report. "I'll fucking do it."   

Sometime in the next 20 minutes Randly allegedly pointed the gun toward his girlfriend, who ducked, and the bullet passed through "R.B.'s" head. Randly walked to a relative's house, said his friend had committed suicide, and placed his white, blood-spattered, zippered ECKO jacket in the back of a car. R.B. was taken to a local hospital and died. Navajo police haven't found the gun, but Randly has been charged with the murder.

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Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson

Gasp! I wonder if this will be on Navajo Cops?!


Kavanagh and Goodale...two Warren Jeffs /FLDS ball suckers. 

If anyone slaughtered my dogs it would end badly for them.

Good job New Times.

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