Bob Worsley, State Senator, Has a 21,000-Square-Foot (Read: Gigantic) Log Cabin

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Senator Bob Worsley's B-home.
As one of the founders of SkyMall, and founder of an energy-development company, you probably could have guessed that Republican State Senator Bob Worsley has a couple bucks in the bank.

However, it's not every day that you can flip through the channels on your television and see a state senator on Home & Garden Television explaining his 21,000-square-foot log cabin.

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Well, that was the Worsley family on an HGTV special called "Amazing Log Homes," and that log home is no joke.

We're not sure of the official index of American log homes, but the show's narrator called it "one of the biggest log homes in the country."

"It has seven private bedrooms, and a bunkhouse loft that will sleep dozens, but that's not all," the narrator continued, per this handy transcript. "A tricked-out basement comes complete with a game room, media room, and a comfy theater that will seat more than 20."

According to the builder's website, the house was actually built in Canada, then brought to Arizona, where it was assembled, including its all-Arizona-copper roof.

The Worsleys have had this house since the late '90s, but . . .damn.

The cabin's located in Navajo County, and it can be found on Google Maps just by searching the behemoth's name: "Legacy Lodge."

Google Maps

The family's Mesa home -- the day-to-day house -- ain't too bad, although it comes in at just 5,369 square feet.

Google Maps

Check out a gallery of photos of the cabin here, or wait for the HGTV show to re-air -- it's probably the only way you're going to be able to see Worsley climb the dead tree in the middle of his house.

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The writer's head must be about to explode thinking about this house.  This (Matthew Hendley) is the same guy that was all excited because some guy in Fountain Hills that won the lottery was already "rich" because he lived in a 2400sf $300K house (and lawdy lawdy it had five, count 'em five bedrooms....oh the humanity of such frivolous wealth).  I can only imagine that he ruined his keyboard thinking about a 21000 sf cabin.


After what happened to Jerry Lewis in 2012, I am not sure how eager a Republican is going to be to take on Arpaio.


He earned the case to build so good for him.  And, unlike other members of the AZ legislature, his wealth came before he was elected and not as a result of graft while in the legislature


@JohnQ.Public Your point is very valid. AND he beat the disgraced former state senate president in a FAIR election on his very own turf, to gain the state congressional seat. Not bad for a guy new to politics.


@Tommy_Collins And because he is already wealthy when starting his political career, he will hopeful be able to remain independent from all the little republican fiefdom's that the others have to rely on for campaign cash and power.

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