Alan Champagne's Backyard Bodies Were His Baby-Mama's Brother, His Girlfriend, Cops Say

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Court documents released in the arrest of convicted murderer Alan Champagne show how police believe Champagne's responsible for two bodies in a homemade coffin in a backyard in Phoenix.

Champagne, 42, was arrested yesterday on first-degree murder charges, a day after landscapers unearthed human remains in a wooden box, buried at the former home of Champagne's mother.

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According to court documents obtained by New Times, the case started with an anonymous tip in October 2011, as someone reported that a guy named "Mico" murdered two people in a Phoenix apartment.

"Mico" was actually found to be Champagne, who lived in the apartment where this alleged killing occurred.

By the time police heard about it, there was a new tenant in the apartment -- which is just a couple blocks from where the bodies would be unearthed, near Indian School and 16th Street -- who said that the maintenance man had done a lot of work on the place.

The maintenance man told the new tenant that the apartment "smelled horrible," so the drywall and tile had been replaced.

Cops still managed to find some sort of blood evidence in a bedroom and some sort of other "fluid."

"[The maintenance man] commented that fluids appeared to have leaked from inside apartment #1 into the storage locker . . . " court documents state. "The fluid was still visible and had a greasy appearance to it."

The maintenance man also told police he helped Champagne build a wooden box, which, unbeknownst to him, would become a coffin for two people.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

And to think Arpaio is regularly putting landscapers like these in prison who are instrumental in helping solve murders.  Some "lawman".


Fortunately for him, he's only accused of murder so he may still be granted bond.  Had he been charged with forgery though, he'd be non-bondable and held till trial.  He must be breathing a sigh of relief with that realization.

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