Alan Champagne's Girlfriend Accused of Helping Kill, Bury People Found in Backyard Coffin

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Elise Garcia
Alan Champagne, the man Phoenix police believe is responsible for the deaths of two people found in a homemade coffin in a backyard earlier this month, apparently had some help in the murders and burial of the victims' bodies.

Champagne's girlfriend, 22-year-old Elise Garcia, was arrested on Monday on charges related to the murder of Philmon Tapaha, the brother of Champagne's baby-mama, and his girlfriend, Brandi Hoffner.

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Champagne, who was already convicted of second-degree murder and served his prison sentence for that crime, has been in jail since last year on attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting at cops.

Since then, his mother's Phoenix home went into foreclosure, and was sold. The new owner was having landscaping work done earlier this month, and discovered a homemade coffin, containing the bodies of Tapaha and Hoffner, which had been buried there for about two years.

According to new court documents in the case obtained by New Times, police have discovered since Champagne's arrest that Tapaha was killed by a gunshot to the head, while Hoffner was strangled by an extension cord -- which was still wrapped around her neck when her bodies was unearthed a few weeks ago.

Police had always suspected Champagne, but a very clueless maintenance man -- who also helped Champagne build the coffin (which he didn't know was a coffin) -- accidentally helped clean up the murder scene, Champagne's former apartment.

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Worthless skank, but I'd still let her off if she agreed to a tubal ligation.  Getting her into a non-breeding condition should be society's top priority.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

@marcy interesting that you'd characterize having a child as nothing more than breeding.  Not saying that this woman is the best of the gene pool, but this is the second time in the last week that you've referred to child bearing as nothing more than breeding.


@JohnQ.Public @marcy 

Breeding is the act of fertilizing an egg.  Usually involving sex.

A birth is the outcome of successfully breeding

Child bearing comes between the breeding and the birth.

Nothing I said would lead to the conclusion that I believe that "having a child" is "nothing more than breeding".  

Carry one with whatever point it was you are trying to make.  Mine is that some people shouldn't breed, with a tubal ligation being the preferred means to get a woman into a non-breeding condition.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

First, breeding is not the act of fertilizing an egg.  That is called fertilization.  Breeding is the act of producing or porpagting offspring which includs both the succesful fertilization and live birth of the offspring. 

Second, everything you've said suggests the conclusion the you view human reproduction as reduced to nothing more than "breeding" which is a word most commonly used for animals, not people.  Which is fine if thats what you believe, but if that's your view you should own it and embrace when called out over it, not run from it.

Third, and perhaps most disturbing, is that its clear from your comments that you are a heartfelt advocate of  eugenics.  You obviously believe in tubal ligation as an intervention to prevent less desirables from reproducing.   I thought eugenics was fully discredited after the Nazi regime collapsed in WWII, but I guess it still has its adherents.

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