ACLU Looking Into "Militarization" of Arizona Police Agencies, Including Drone Usage

The ACLU is trying to find out the extent of "militarization" of police forces across the country, including 10 law enforcement agencies in Arizona.

Arizona's ACLU, as well as those in 22 other states, are filing public records requests "to determine the extent to which local police departments are using federally subsidized military technology and tactics that are traditionally used overseas," according to an ACLU press release.

The national ACLU cites 10 "chilling" stories of police militarization across the country, and two are from right here in the desert.

One of those is the Pima County Sheriff's Office SWAT team raid on the home of Iraq War veteran Jose Guerena, who ended up being shot 60 times in the highly questionable raid.

The other story is of a company called Scottsdale Inventions, which is trying to patent "shock cuffs" -- handcuffs that apparently deliver a shock similar to that of a stun-gun.

According to the ACLU, here's what it's trying to get out of the agencies with the public records requests:

(1) the use of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Teams, including the number and purpose of deployments, types of weapons used during deployments, injuries sustained by civilians during deployments, training materials and funding sources; (2) the use of cutting edge weapons and technologies, such as GPS tracking devices, unmanned aerial vehicles ("drones"), augmented detainee restraint ("shock-cuffs") and military weaponry, equipment, and vehicles obtained from or funded by federal agencies such as the Departments of Defense and/or Homeland Security; and (3) information regarding cooperative agreements between local police departments and the National Guard counter-drug program and incidents of National Guard contact with civilians.

The Arizona agencies on the receiving end of the ACLU's requests are the Arizona National Guard, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Pinal County Sheriff's Office, Pima County Sheriff's Office, Arizona Department Public Safety, Phoenix Police Department, Mesa Police Department, Tucson Police Department, Payson Police Department, and Yuma Police Department.

This one ought to get interesting -- we'll let you know when the ACLU gets back with some results.

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I so agree with DNichols. I live in hidden valley area and in the last year alone I feel like we have zero privacy. Its sad. Because I have a ford van I'm being watched or drive a truck I'm being followed. Don't these drones use tax payers money to PROTECT not BULLY their way around the sky. They have come so close to our house and even shined a bright light at use while we barbaqued? Really, I mean last I checked we live still live the United States of america...,CAN MY DAUGHTERS AND I GO OUTSIDE AND SUNTAN IN THE NUDE? YA I THINK NOT!


I have been constantly Harassed by Noisy Spying Helicopters, and Drone (U.A.V.'s) for over Nine Years, I have sent many letters to The Government, including two Presidents now, asking if these Gutless Peeping Tom Perverted Cowards prefer me in my shower, or on my toilet?!

I have explained that I have a Front Door to my American Home, and suggested they quit peeping through my windows and find an ounce of courage to simply face me?!

These Massive Spying Programs are using disguised Helicopters, and Drones loaded with un-constitutional high tech Thermal Veiwing, and Laser Listening to watch "We the People " inside the so called "Privacy of our American Homes".

They fly over Arizona in zones disguised as phony jet Airliners, Fed Ex, and private Aircrafts such as Piper, Mooney, v-wings, Bi Planes ect.

To see a couple of these disguised drones see my You Tube Post: "Un-reported Near Miss over Arizona".

These are a phony Southwest Jet Drone, and a phony Piper Navajo crossing directly above my Home.

Our Founding Fathers would have lined every Peeping Perverted Coward in these Spying Programs up infront of a firing Squad.

Our "Real Troops" fought and Died to protect our Freedom, and Constitutional Rights!

P.S. Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley spent $10,000.00 to have his Office swept for Arpaio's Bugs, Stapley didn't know of Arpaio's Drones.

To: Liberty.


This report should be titled the "Militarization of America for Corporate Greed"

Can't wait to read it when they are done.


@ Truthseeker;

Thank you.

What is "Freedom", or a "Democracy"?

I beg these Peeping Perverted Cowards to face me, and I will teach them to Respect "Freedom", and I will not foget the Men that Died and gave that Right to Me!

Congress hasn't been "Stalled with Bi-partisonship since the Patriot Act."

The so called Patriot Act. overode Democracy, Freedom, our Constitution, and Turned our "Homeland" into an Authoritarian Police State with out of Control Spying/Spending.

The Congress has been rendered useless since the "Patriot Act" they may as well all go Home their jobs dividing how Tax Dollars are spent no longer exists.

Everything Congress now does is called our National Deficit.

We need "Freedom" Restored.

With the so called "Patriot Act", the Terrorists got what they were after, and Won!


U.S. Military WMD's were found at Sheriff Babeu, and Arpaio's Pal's Gilbert Az. Home at the time he committed his Massacre, it was said that these High Tech Rocket Propelled Grenades had serial numbers, and thier origion could be traced?

 A couple of weeks later the Military suspended Military Gear to Police while they sorted things out siting Babeu's abuses?!!

I am sure Sick Sexual Deviate Babeu loves having Thermal veiwing Drones to watch our Children in their bathtubs, and I would bet that Arpaio loves using Drones  against Political Adversaries such as Dan Saban, Don Stapely, ect.

This un-constitutional Spying capability makes these Corrupt Sheriffs very hard to get rid of, giving them God like Communist Spying Powers in our "Out of Control Homeland."

These Police State Cowardly, Perverted Spying Programs are Desacrating our "Real Troops/Fallen Heroes " Graves!!

Thousands of worthless Peeping Cowards are getting posh Pensions, and Retirement Benifits as if they are "Real" Police or Troops, but these Peeping Perverts are not the only way they risk their lives are if Americans discover the Truth.

Honesty, and Courage are their worst Fears!

To: Liberty?


@DNichols Exactly.  The Gov't united us to go after Terrorists with WMD - which we later find out was only a personal revenge paid for with the blood of our loyal Soldiers...too add insult to injury - "The Patriot Act" was put in place.

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