Tucson Residents Accused of Being Big-Time Cocaine Suppliers for South Florida

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We have no idea who's responsible for the placement of that exclamation point.
When you think of cocaine in America, you might think of South Florida, where the cocaine trade was absolutely insane in the '80s.

Well, it turns out that "the biggest cocaine dealer" in one South Florida county gets his cocaine from Tucson, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The feds say 30 people were indicted in this "massive Florida-Arizona drug conspiracy," two of those being Tucson residents -- 31-year-old Daniel Torrez, and 30-year-old Jessica Arvizu.

The rest are from Palm Beach County, Florida (parts of which you could reach in an hour, driving from Miami).

The details released in federal court documents are very, very brief, and don't describe exactly how this "conspiracy" worked, but it appears that the folks in Tucson are accused of using the postal service to get the cocaine to Palm Beach County.

At a press conference in West Palm Beach, federal prosecutors said one of the men arrested was "the biggest cocaine dealer in the county," per the Palm Beach Post. The Post says the Tucson man, Torrez, is the alleged "head of the ring."

This alleged drug ring was working so well that it took a dealer about two days notice to get a kilogram of cocaine.

A kilogram of cocaine was recovered from a Tucson home as seizures were being made, according to the Post report.

The investigation apparently started in 2011, when authorities started intercepting the packages being shipped from Tucson.

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haha!  Airlines are still fast shipping giants.  GWB didn't know he solved most drug trade when he grounded airlines after 9-11.  For 2wks product was stranded around the globe.


better stock up on friday, no saturday delivery ...

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

You know what the Postal Service sez... "If it fits, it ships!" Hehe.

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