Tempe Town Lake Probably Smells Like Dead Fish Because of the Hundreds of Dead Fish

If you've been wondering recently why Tempe Town Lake smells like dead fish, there's a reason why -- all the dead fish.

It appears that the fish are dead tilapia that didn't survive the cold weather, and are now floating to the surface.

Going back through the archives, we can see that dead fish have actually been the cause of the dead-fish smell near the lake in previous year.

Now, why it always smells like dead fish near the lake is another question.

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Ok, try toxic metal poisoning like mercury. The little water we have here in the valley is polluted from mining. FDA recently came out and said the mercury in our teeth feelings contain 1/2 a gram of mercury per feeling. It only takes a gram of mercury in a 10 acre lake for it to be considered a toxic hazard. Open your eyes Arizonans, before its to late. However, nothing gets done talking about it. We need to start a movement before the governments plan for population control pans out.

Anyone who would like more info- my email is macgyver2023@gmail.com


Wow I bet they hired a rocket scientist to figure out that one.

Why does it smell like dead fish?   hmmmmm. 


What a logical explanation!

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