Tempe Police Say Nimrod, Cody Nimrod, Was Caught Setting Fire to Dumpsters

Nimrod, Cody
Police arrested a Nimrod -- specifically, Cody Nimrod -- while he was in the middle of an arson spree in Tempe early Sunday morning.

After lighting up five dumpsters, a car, and stuff in an alley around 3 a.m. Sunday, police found Nimrod in the act of setting another fire, according to information provided by the Tempe Police Department.

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According to the locations of the seven fires provided by police, they were all just south of University Drive, between Hardy and Priest drives:

  • 700 Block of W. 13th St (dumpster)
  • 1000 Block of S. Wilson (alley)
  • 1200 Block of W. University (vehicle)
  • 1300 Block of W. 9th St (dumpster)
  • 1200 Block of W. Laird (dumpster)
  • 1200 Block of W. Laird (dumpster)
  • 1100 Block of W. 9th St (dumpster)

Police say Nimrod, 26, admitted being responsible for the fires. He was jailed on charges of arson of a residential structure, as well as reckless burning.

According to Tempe PD, nobody was injured during the spree.

Police say they're looking into possible connections to other arson cases, and we can point you to a somewhat-similar case.

In September, someone spent an hour driving from the south side of Chandler into Mesa, trying to set fire to at least 10 vehicles along the way.

Six of those fires caught on, and appeared to ruin the vehicles.

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Cody Nimrod isnt his real name. they found out his real name was Robert and he goes by the alias of "JoeArpaioFan". they said  his motivation behind these arsons was that he thought the dumpsters were signing the Joe Arpaio recall. in his confession he kept chanting something about the dumpsters being on his list and hoping they'd catch cancer. I for one am glad they caught him and can get him the help he needs (of course, now Burger King has to get someone new to clean the bathrooms)

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