Section of Route 89 Closed; Judging From This Picture, It Looks Like Godzilla Stepped on It

At the bottom of this post, you can see the full-sized photo from the Arizona Department of Transportation of U.S. Route 89, which looks really messed up.

And, as the headline suggests, if we had to describe the photograph to someone, we'd say it looks like Godzilla stepped on it.

The explanation from ADOT is that the road "buckled."

"The cause is not related to weather and may be a geologic event," ADOT spokesman Tim Tait writes on Twitter.

The highway is closed between U.S. Route 89A and Page, if you find yourself up north.

Check out the photo below:

U.S. Route 89.

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Winifred Mary Quinn
Winifred Mary Quinn

It's not Godzilla, he is in Japan, it is one of those dang skin walkers causing havoc again

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