Phoenix To Vote on Expanding Anti-Discrimination Laws to Include Individuals with Disabilities and Members of LGBT Community

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City of Tucson-1999

California -also state law
Allegheny County-2009

Santa Cruz County-1998
City of Los Angeles-1979

City of Oakland-2005

City of San Diego-2003

City of San Francisco-1994

City of San Jose-2002

City of Santa Cruz-1992

City of West Hollywood-1998

Connecticut - state law


City of Boulder-2000

City of Denver-2001

District of Columbia

City of Washington-2006


Broward County-2008

Leon County-2010

Monroe County-2003

Palm Beach County-2007

Volusia County-2011
City of Dunedin-2002

City of Gainesville-2008

City of Gulfport-2005

City of Key West-2003

City of Lake Worth-2007

City of Miami Beach-2004

City of Oakland Park-2007

City of Tampa-2009

City of West Palm Beach-2007


City of Atlanta-2000

City of Decatur-2002

Hawaii - state law


City of Sandpoint-2011


Cook County-2002

City of Bloomington-2002

City of Carbondale-2005

City of Champaign-1977

City of Chicago-2002

City of Decatur-2002

City of DeKalb-2000

City of Evanston-1997

City of Peoria-2003

City of Springfield-2003

City of Urbana-1979

Marion County-2005

Monroe County-2010

City of Bloomington-2006

City of Evansville-2011

City of Indianapolis-2005

City of South Bend-2012


Johnson County-2006
City of Council Bluffs-2008

City of IowaCity-1995

City of Waterloo-2007


City of Lawrence-2011


Jefferson County-1999

Lexington-Fayette County-1999
City of Covington-2003

City of Louisville-1999


City of New Orleans-1998

Massachusetts - also state law

City of Boston-2002

City of Cambridge-1997

City of Northampton-2005

Maryland - also state law

Howard County-2011

Montgomery County-2007
City of Baltimore-2002


Saugatuck Township 2007

City of Ann Arbor-1999

City of Detroit-2008

City of East Lansing-2005

City of Ferndale-2006

City of Grand Rapids-1994

City of Huntington Woods-2002

City of Kalamazoo-2009

City of Lansing-2006

City of Saugatuck-2007

City of Traverse-2011

City of Ypsilanti-1997

Minnesota - also state law

City of Minneapolis-1975

City of St. Paul-1990


City of Clayton-2011

City of Columbia-2011

City of KansasCity-2008

City of Olivette-2011

City of St. Louis-2010

City of UniversityCity-2005


City of Missoula-2010


City of Omaha-2012

New Hampshire - state law

New Jersey - state law

New Mexico - state law

New York

Suffolk County-2001

Tompkins County-2005
City of Albany-2004

City of Buffalo-2002

City of Ithaca-2003

City of New York-2002

City of Rochester-2001


Summit County-2009

City of Akron-2009

City of Bowling Green-2008

City of Cincinnati-2006

City of Cleveland-2009

City of Columbus-2008

City of Dayton-2007

City of Oxford-2008

City of Toledo-1998

Village of Yellow Springs-2009


Benton County-1998

Multnomah County-2001

City of Beaverton-2004

City of Bend-2004

City of Corvallis-2007

City of Hillsboro-2006

City of Lake Oswego-2005

City of LincolnCity-2005

City of Portland-2000

City of Salem-2002


Erie County-2002
Haverford Township-2011

Lower Marion Township-2011

Springfield Township-2011

Susquehanna Township-2011

Whitemarsh Township-2011
Jenkinstown Borough-2011

Lansdowne Borough-2006

New Hope Borough-2002

Newton Borough-2011

State College Borough-2007

West Chester Borough-2006

City of Allentown-2002

City of Bethlehem-2011

City of Doylestown-2011

City of Easton-2006

City of Harrisburg-1983

City of Philadelphia-2002

City of Pittsburgh-1997

City of Scranton-2005

City of Swarthmore-2006

City of York-1998

Rhode Island - state law

South Carolina

City of Charleston-2009

City of Columbia-2008


Dallas County-2011
City of Austin-2004

City of Dallas-2002

City of El Paso-2003

City of Fort Worth-2009


Grand County-2010

Salt Lake County-2010

Summit County-2010

City of Alta-2011

City of Harrisville-2012

City of Logan-2010

City of Park City-2010

City of Salt Lake-2009

City of Springdale-2012

City of West Valley-2010

City of Midvale-2011

City of Moab-2011

City of Murray-2011

City of Ogden-2011

City of Taylorsville-2010

Vermont - state law


King County-2006

City of Burien-2005

City of Olympia-2005

City of Seattle-1986

City of Tacoma-2002

Wisconsin - also state law

Dane County-2001

City of Madison-2000

City of Milwaukee-2007

West Virginia

City of Charleston-2007

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Now I understand! The Boy Scouts are a "parachurch" organization!


I love it when sanctimonious reporters try to sound smart by denigrating people whose views they disagree with.  It's even better when they commit grammatical errors that anyone as intelligent as they are pretending to be would recognize as such.  

"Begs the question" does not mean "raise the question," as you use it here (twice).  For more information, see here:


@arizonalaw I love how you sited an "article" that was created as an April Fool's joke. It totally furthers your argument that it's not okay to use a figure of speech when writing a blog (in all seriousness, bashing Alonzo for a "grammatical error" is just taking the easy way out; you fail to argue against the meaning of the article and the claims that Alonzo is making). That being said, and to further my argument, I will site my own pointless source/URL to show that you are a "grammar nazi" who can't even argue against the actual substance of Alonzo's article.

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