Phoenix Man Guilty of Stalking After Trying to "Reclaim" Ex-Wife for 20th Anniversary; They'd Been Divorced for 15 Years

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We couldn't find one part Richards admits to, but the website was apparently home to recordings, in which Richards would have conversations with himself, pretending as if he was having a conversation with his ex-wife.

"The website also contained a broadcast depicting Richards at the fake grave-site of the victim," according to federal court paperwork. "On the broadcast, Richards speaks of lowering the victim into the ground and states 'Let's all bow our heads and just pray this bitch goes to hell. Amen.'"

The woman got a new restraining order against him once the other one expired, and Richards was tracked down to Arizona after he tried to purchase a gun. The ATF denied the purchase, as Richards had "prohibited person status" due to the restraining order.

Still, Richards continued to contact the woman, at one point sending her a box full of shredded copies of the restraining orders against him. He started to threaten her life after the day that would've been their 20th anniversary.

Finally, Richards was indicted in January 2012, more than six months after his 20th anniversary.

As part of a plea deal, Richards faces a maximum about five months in prison at his sentencing, which is scheduled for June.

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This guy is about as creepy as they get.  *shudder*


A Google search brought it up.

The "ex-wife", "Dino" and "The Devil"...there's a song in there somewhere.


Wow talking about not getting over it lol.

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