Phoenix Man Guilty of Stalking After Trying to "Reclaim" Ex-Wife for 20th Anniversary; They'd Been Divorced for 15 Years

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A Phoenix man took a plea agreement today in a federal stalking case, in which he attempted to "reclaim" his ex-wife in time for their 20th anniversary.

According to 49-year-old David Richards' admission, he only started stalking the woman 15 years after their marriage ended.

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After meeting at a concert in Washington D.C. in 1987 -- when Richards was 25, and the woman was 15 -- the two got married in 1991. They divorced less than two years later, and Richards didn't contest the divorce.

However, in 2006, Richards started calling the woman's sister, and left her a message informing her that he had "reclaimed his wife as of today."

After the woman got a restraining order against Richards, he created a website with a countdown clock, indicating when that order expired.

The feds said that through 2007, Richards had continued to build this website, and had amassed 40 pages. Unfortunately, that website still exists today (we'd share it, but the URL is the victim's name).

To give you an idea of how creepy this website is, get a load of this:


One especially creepy section is the "body reconstruction" page, which Richards explains on the website.

"The ex-wife has been having sex with other people, and who knows how nasty they were, so her body needs some physical renovation from top to bottom," the website says. "One of the most important things to address when reclaiming your ex-wife is the total abuse and overall condition of her body. She has been sexually pounded by [a more recent ex-husband] for over a decade and so there needs to be some serious major body reconstruction..."

For example, the website describes the need for "Inner Vagina Wall Replacement."

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This guy is about as creepy as they get.  *shudder*


A Google search brought it up.

The "ex-wife", "Dino" and "The Devil"...there's a song in there somewhere.


Wow talking about not getting over it lol.

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