Phoenix City Council Listens to Passionate Arguments For and Against Anti-Discrimination Measure

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Mayor Greg Stanton
Testimony for and against a measure to protect members of the LGBT and disabled communities has been going on for more than two hours.

An audience packed with members of the LGBT community, religious leaders, Phoenix residents, and business owners are trying with both logical and emotional pleas to persuade the Phoenix City Council to agree with their views.

Concerned that the language of the measure permits men to enter women's restrooms, fathers and mothers have spoken about their fears of their children being attacked.

Those repeated concerns are prompting anger from LGBT speakers, who say it is highly offensive for opponents to equate members of the community to sexual predators.

Groans and moans, cheers and jeers repeatedly erupted from the crowd as Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton alternated between speakers who oppose and support the measure.

"I don't know what you all do in the restroom, but I just go in and do my thing," one transgender woman told the council.

Another speaker said he opposes the measure because businesses should be able to decide the issues of discrimination, not government.

One woman called members of the LGBT community "deviants," drawing many groans from the audience.

Several speakers have complained that they haven't been given enough time to vet the proposed ordinance, and are asking the City Council to postpone a vote.

Some in the audience yelled that they have been waiting many years for this measure.

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

"One woman called members of the LGBT community "deviants,"

What do you want to bet, the woman who did this was one of those wonderfully forgiving and non-judgemental followers of Jesus.....

Flyer9753 topcommenter

"businesses should be able to decide the issues of discrimination"

WTF? Just because you start a business, rent or own some space/building does not make you a sovereign country able to say you don't have to follow the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

For those who are interested, MotherJones deleted post was:

"@Flyer9753 I'm all for gay rights, but what is this obsession that transgender guys have with whipping it out in the women's bathroom? Don't they get it? Women don't want you in there. And how do you prevent some hetero dude from dressing in drag so he can go in there and get his jollies? And please don't tell me that will never happen."


@Flyer9753 That is what they argued in the south in 1967 when they fought against laws prohibiting racial discrimination and we know how harmful and hurtful that racial discrimination was not just to the individuals discriminated against but to the very principals on which our country was established.  It is no different here.


@Flyer9753 Mother Jones needs to understand that transgender men wish that they didn't have "it" to whip out in the first place.  As you point out above, transgendered individuals wish nothing more than for their physiology to match their psychology and they weren't born with "it" in the first place.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

BTW - one thing I want to point out.

This is not an "obsession" on the part of these Transgender individuals. These people consider themselves to be women, they do not consider themselves to be men, they consider the genetic random split (and that is what it is) that occurred in the womb to be a mistake. 

Whether or not they are correct in that interpretation or not does not matter. What makes a person who they are is not genetics, it's the mind. The mind is where the person lives and is. 

That is why this is important to them. To them they are women and should have the same rights as any other woman.

So the only "obsession" here is the obsession to have equal rights, which are guaranteed to everyone in this country. The same equality I am sure you want and would fight for, for yourself, just like they are.

Flyer9753 topcommenter


Last time I looked, womens bathrooms had stalls, so it's not like the transgender individual is "whipping it out" where genetic women will be seeing it, unless the genetic woman is looking under the partition or something.

The argument you attempt to use regarding a crossdresser is not valid since that is true with ANY law, that is why laws exist in the first place. All you can do is write the law correctly, as it has been, to exclude crossdressers since they are not transgender and deal with enforcement issues as they arise. 

Right now, there is nothing stopping a crossdresser from going into a womans bathroom, other than getting caught so what's the difference? 

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