Phil Mickelson Won That Golf Tournament Named After the Garbage Company

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Phil Mickelson
Despite the high attendance, perhaps one of the least-known facts about the Waste Management Phoenix Open is that Phil Mickelson won the thing.

See, the final round on Sundays always encroaches on the pre-Super Bowl activities, and we were wondering the day before if it was possible to get drunk just due to extreme exposure to alcohol breath.

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There was a distinct time period on Saturday between when the golf ended, and when people started to realize that it was over, and move their asses toward the exit. None of this should come as a surprise, really -- the Open isn't exactly known as a golf event.

Photo by Jim Louvau

However, if you looked closely, you could have seen that Mickelson, a former (like, 20-plus years ago) Arizona State University golfer, kicked some ass.

Mickelson nearly shot a 59 in the first round, but missed a somewhat lengthy (very lengthy for us extreme-amateur types) birdie putt on the last hole, and settled for a score of 60. On Friday and Saturday, he shot rounds of 65 and 64, respectively.

Yesterday was the only time Mickelson got kind of, sort of close to losing his lead, as he was just four shots under par. That was still good enough to beat Brandt Snedeker, who shot six under on Sunday, by four strokes.

This was Mickelson's third time winning the Phoenix Open.

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It was a sad golf tournament but WM did see JAF polishing balls on the 11th hole as I was hanging out with a 43 year old MILF. Poor JAF, staying up late to serve the AARPiehole. 


Hahaha, good. I'm not the only one who thought "Waste Management Phoenix Open" was a stupid/funny name.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter 1 Like

Why the nasty tone in an article that should be celebrating how good the Valley looked on national TV - especially on Saturday, with the bright blue skies, the amazing crowds and the fun obviously being had by all?

boingo 1 Like

Because that's how the intern-level "reporting" is done for the New Times these days.  You can spot this Hendley guy's writing from a mile away - snarky tone, very little (if any) information actually given, and written in a way that indicates it was tossed off in about 45 seconds.  It's embarassing that New Times lets this stuff pass as news (or that it puts it on its website at all).

murray-i 1 Like

 That makes a lot of sense, boingo. Why a PHOENIX New Times journalist would report on the winner of the Waste Management PHOENIX Open is beyond me. And Hendley using humor in his article - for shame! Humor has absolutely NO place in the PNT! Oh, one last thing, Hendley isn't an intern anymore. PNT hired him a year ago as lead news blogger for the website. Check link below.


@boingo I thought the whole article was funny. And you are right, you did say "intern-level". That implies that Hendley is STILL an intern. Perhaps if you wrote more clearly we would all know what the hell it is you're talking about.  


I'm all for humor....let me know when you find some.  Oh, and "one last thing": I didn't call Hendley an intern....I said the writing was "intern-level".  Which makes his position as lead news blogger even more pathetic.

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