"Pastor" Michael Salman Guilty of Felonies in Health Care Fraud Case

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"Pastor" Michael Salman, wearing a fact on his shirt.
Former gang member/"Pastor" Michael Salman -- who falsely cried persecution to any media outlet that would buy his story last year -- is once again a convicted felon.

Salman pleaded guilty to felony theft and felony forgery last week, as Salman, his wife, and his brother admitted to defrauding AHCCCS, the state's Medicaid program, of more than $118,000.

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New Times has been writing about Salman fairly extensively since 2008, as Salman's urge to build a church in his backyard drew the ire of his neighbors. Last year, his story went national, as he cried "religious persecution" to many media outlets, and a lot of them bought it, including Fox News.

Since we spent a few minutes looking into Salman and what he was actually doing -- breaking the law -- we called bullshit, and others followed suit. Some still weren't convinced that Salman was scammin', until he was indicted by a grand jury in the AHCCCS fraud case.

According to Attorney General Tom Horne, Salman lied about his household income on applications for AHCCCS benefits, and lied in a statement to the state Department of Economic Security. Salman's wife Suzanne Salman, and his brother Frank Salman, were also accused of lying on applications.

Due to those alleged lies, AHCCCS paid out $73,000 for medical coverage for Salman, his wife, and his children. AHCCCS paid out $45,000 for Frank Salman and his children.

If you wonder how needy Michael Salman and his family were, then get a load of this -- Horne's office says today that Michael and Suzanne Salman paid back the $73,808.92 they had scammed out of AHCCCS. That probably means the Salmans weren't even close to qualifying for AHCCCS, if they just happened to have 73-grand sitting around.

Michael Salman was sentenced to three years of probation for this felony. Salman served nearly six years in prison for a drive-by shooting he carried out in the summer of 1992. He was also caught with LSD while serving this sentence.

More recently, Salman served a couple months in Tent City after being found guilty of 67 misdemeanors related to an illegal building he constructed in his backyard and his unwillingness to comply with the City of Phoenix's zoning rules.

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In Reply:  We feel we have defrauded no one.  DES who are contractors for the ACCCHS had informed us that certain moneys we were receiving was not considered income.  ACCCHS then said that we should have claimed that as income.  We were shocked to hear that.  DES has had our Bank Statements since 2008 and never did they mention anything about money.  It was not until recently it became an issue.  1)  To fight the case would cost us more than to settle.  With no guarantees.  2)  We felt that if someone said we took something that we should not have taken we felt it was right that we pay it ALL BACK.  We did the right thing.  Unlike the City who is spending 10,000's of thousands of dollars defending the wrong thing.  3)   Yes, I did lead a life of sin and corruption when I was younger and in prison but Christ saved me and made me a new person.  Even when I make mistakes, I know He has always delivered me and brought me back up.  IN CONCLUSION, I know we have some hateful people out there.  The fact that we had all my family and friends that stepped up to the plate to help us pay it all back speaks enough.  We are so grateful and we are so blessed to have such an awesome love and support system.  We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His love and Mercy.  The proof is in the pudding.  Thank you Lord.  Have you give your life to Him. He can bring you through!


Hi Michael,

 I took the liberty of notifying Harvest Christian Fellowship in California of your intent to use their intellectual property without notifying them, or sharing in the proceeds. I'm sure that since they are a fundamental church that they won't mind at all the fact that you are good with using their name for your ministry. All you churches are like that, aren't you? all cooperative, and would never think about suing each other out of existence? Anyhow, Harvest Christian Fellowship in California has all the information about you and your wife and brother that they need to really help your ministry along. Perhaps they will want to offer gracious financial support to your cause. Or perhaps they will want to sue you out of existence. Anyhow, God Bless each and ever one of you people, and hopefully you can call Jesus to witness for you in civil court. After all, you have put a lot of work into witnessing for him; im sure he is quite willing to return the favor. 

Rock on Phoenix New Times!


Indeed the total take was over 120 grand. The salmans have proven over and over again that they are going to simply hide behind the word of god, screw the law. The restitution was made so quickly because they gutted Althean church for the funds. That's how they roll. He didn't possess enough power at Althean that he had to break off to create his own cult, and it very nearly worked. He is a consummate liar, and his wife is a consummate liar. It scares me that his children are being raised with the values of ripping off humanity because god said it is ok to do so. His methodology is just the same as L Ron Hubbard, and it is working. He preaches a new doctrine that excludes Jesus Christ as the messiah and he is carefully edging himself in as the new messiah, and the new and improved Son Of God. the dude is dangerous, he has plenty of  followers, he has snuggled in close to Joe Arpaio to launch a new Jail recruitment campaign, and he will sure enough be lying to the county commission to obtain new permits for "a game room" addition to whatever property he obtains. He preaches dangerous messages, and his sheeple are quick to back him. New World Order thug religion.

WhoKnows topcommenter

I read in another story that the brother also paid off the $45k, so total these to had in available cash was about $120k.  I hope the IRS now finds out how they got that money.


previously convicted of a drive-by shooting you say?  now carries out healthcare drive-by against the citizens of arizona and gets to pay back some of the money and gets only 3 years probation with no jail time you say?  the arizona  justice system has failed us again.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Michael Salman should be made to wear that tee as long as he's "on paper."


Three years probation on a felony for a convicted felon who perpertrated a criminal episode involving many of his family members, as well as himself, all the while as he presented himself as a "man of god"?


I would love to see the presentence probation recommendation.

Surely someone must have dropped the ball on this one.


@4azbill He didn't pay back some of the money, he paid all of it back. He and his brother were able to come up with 120,000 dollars within minutes of hammering out the plea deal. Funny how somebody who can claim to have zero or less assets to get welfare can then come up with 120 grand in minutes. perhaps Gawd loaned him some cash for no interest.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@Tommy_Collins  Tommy, was his judge Martone? kinda reminds me of the Arrodondo sentence, he just had to pay back more than Arrodondo did


@danzigsdaddy I can't wait to see which political office he runs for and gets elected to in this ass-backward state of ours.

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