Mohave County Man Admits to Killing Mom, Claims "Dream Police" Told Him to Do It

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Mohave County Sheriff's Office
Roger Drake
A Mohave County man who admittedly stabbed his 66-year-old mother to death told police that the "dream police" told him to do it.

What Mohave County Sheriff's Office investigators believe to be Carol Drake's body was found buried in her own yard, and her son, 46-year-old Roger Drake, was arrested at a Kingman mental-health facility.

Deputies were called out to Carol Drake's house in Yucca -- a town consisting of little more than the Arizona Proving Ground -- on Tuesday, after her family members had been unable to reach her by phone for about three weeks.

While no one could find Drake, neighbors checked in on her son, who has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, according to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office. Neighbors reported that Drake was out of his medications, and was running low on food.

When deputies showed up to the Drakes' house, Roger Drake told them his mother had gone to California to visit family members -- which family members confirmed wasn't true.

On Friday, detectives obtained a search warrant, and a body believed to be Carol Drake's was found buried in a shallow grave on the property, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Roger Drake wasn't at the house when the warrant was served, but investigators found out that he admitted himself to the mental-health facility in Kingman.

According to information provided by the Sheriff's Office, Drake admitted to killing his mom, first by punching her, then stabbing her multiple times with a kitchen knife.

Drake said the "dream police" told him to kill his mom -- which happens to be the name of a very popular Cheap Trick song.

Drake was booked into jail on charges of first-degree murder and concealment of a dead body.

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Goes back to my theory that mental illness is probably a better predictor of violence than access to or ownership of firearms and, consequently, we need to focus more resources on mental heatlh services and early interdiction than on gun control.  Here is someone who was already in the mental heatlh system but he still had unaddressed issues and he allegedly committed murder without the use of a firearm.


@JohnQ.Public who else do we know that has a violent son(in my best churchlady voice)MMMmmm???

Janice K Brewer,and her sexualy deviant,knife weilding rapist son.could something like this happen to another delusional person like her without help from the "state"?

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