Michelle Hice, Apparently Terrible Accountant, Accused of Cookin' the Books... Again

Michelle Hice
We're not entirely sure what separates good accountants from bad accountants, but we can say with some certainty that only a terrible accountant would get caught stealing cash several times.

That said, 39-year-old west Valley accountant Michelle Hice is allegedly a terrible accountant.

Hice was fired from an accounting firm in October, after the IRS informed the Buckeye Veterinarian Clinic -- where Hice had been daily accounting, payroll, and bills for the past year -- that it didn't pony up for taxes.

The clinic turned over the books to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, which discovered that Hice wrote checks to herself for $130,000, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

During this investigation, investigators subpoenaed Hice's bank statements, and found out she was getting a healthy amount of money from a Goodyear church. That church confirmed they hired Hice to do accounting for $300 per month.

That's a problem, since Hice had deposited more than $25,000 in checks from the church since October, according to the court documents.

According to a statement from MCSO Sergeant Brandon Jones, Hice has "possibly" been depositing checks from other Valley businesses.

Hice was arrested yesterday, and investigators found a handgun in her possession.

That's only a problem because Hice is on probation -- "for the same crime committed in 2006" Jones says.

For good measure, court documents state Hice had two stolen credit cards in her possession when she was arrested, too.

She faces four felony charges.

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why would she cook the books was she planing to eat them sorry guys i couldn't resist a joke well if she is stealing then send her to jail you play you pay


I can understand her need for the gun as personal protection. There are a lot of crooked people out there, and they may want to try to steal her stolen money.


She clearly wasn't spending the money on beauty products

WhoKnows topcommenter

Didn't MCSO "cook the books" to illegally misspent $100m of dedicated jail funds?  Who did the Joker arrest for that one?

Couldn't be Leo Drivinghawk,  He was already in prison!

david_saint01 topcommenter

@WhoKnows lol good question...nobody knows since hes refused an outside audit for the last what 17 years? (96 i think)

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@WhoKnows  if she gets work furlough, she can go work for Joe, he is asking for around $600,000,000 for his budget.......he might need help milking that money off (although  he didnt on the last $100 million)

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