Mesa Doctor Gabriel Ogbonnaya Found Not Guilty of a Dozen Sex-Abuse Charges

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Gabriel Ogbonnaya
A Mesa doctor who was charged with a dozen sex-abuse charges in 2010 was found not guilty yesterday by a jury of his peers.

Gabriel Ogbonnaya, who was a physician with Healing Touch Internal Medicine in Mesa, was accused by multiple women of making sexual advances toward them in his capacity as a doctor.

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According to information provided by his attorney at the time of Ogbonnaya's arrest, Ogbonnaya's a native of Nigeria:

Even on his death bed, Gabriel Ogbonnaya's father could not get one thought out of his head: "My son is going to be a doctor." These were among the last words Ogbonnaya's father told his then-12-year-old son before he died, leaving his wife alone to raise six children. Driven by his father's words and disgust over the terrible healthcare conditions he saw in Nigeria, Dr. Ogbonnaya has fulfilled his father's prophecy and his own dream of opening a practice in the United States.

A devout Christian, Gabriel U. Ogbonnaya, MD, MHA is board certified in internal medicine. He received his medical training from the University of Nigeria. He graduated in 1991 as the Best Student of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Dentistry and as the Best Student of the Department of Internal Medicine. He had his postgraduate Internal Medicine residency training at Interfaith Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York. During residency, Dr. Ogbonnaya maintained the best record in the ACP-ASIM National Internal Medicine In-Training Examinations, ranking consistently in the top 3% nationally. He passed the American Board of Internal Medicine certification examination at the top 10% and in 2006 he graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters in Health Administration.

The state medical board even went as far as to revoke Ogbonnaya's medical license about a year ago -- a unanimous decision by the medical board, which the agency admitted in a press release was "[d]ue to the increased number of alleged victims and the seriousness of the recent allegations."

The board told 3TV it stands by its decision to revoke his medical license.

According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, two patients told Mesa police in June 2010 that Ogbonnaya was making sexual advances toward them.

The women claimed that first, the doctor caressed their faces and put his forehead to theirs. Both women claimed Ogbonnaya "tapped" their vaginas and encouraged them to have more sex.

After Ogbonnaya was arrested as a result of those allegations, he was re-arrested soon after that, after police said that 25 more women had called in to make allegations against Ogbonnaya -- which his lawyer insisted only came in after media reporting on his initial arrest.

The jury found Ogbonnaya not guilty on 11 counts of sex abuse and one count of sexual assault.

James King contributed to this post.

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The women who made what are now known to be false accusations should stand trial for this. Making false charges is a felony in Arizona. The accusers were obviously looking to secure a criminal conviction to later use that to help them win a civil suit. These women should face the same amount of jail time that Dr. Ogbonnaya was facing. Furthermore, their photos should be paraded across the media like his was. The medical board is only holding his license because of their embarrassment that they rushed to judgement. Just like how the cops were so quick to arrest and now they have pie on their face.  I hope the doc sues these women for defamation and takes every penny they have. 


Since when are patients left alone in the same room with a doctor of a different sex then theirs?

ExpertShot topcommenter

Why is BOMA still holding this guy's license up?  Because he's black? Not guilty is not guilty!


@biltmoredoc The jury did not say the women were lying only that there was not enough evidence to find him guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. The statue of limitations is up for those women to sue so before you start passing judgment you should check your facts. It was very clear in the trial that none of the women were in it for money. He is not innocent and should not get his medical license back.


@crbullseye Since ever! It has happen to me in a very popular state,where I was examined ( my privates ) by a white women(dr.) And btw, this was not in ancient times...!


@ExpertShot Read the medical board report. His license was also taken away for the sexual acts and his prescribing practices. He obviously gave several people drugs they should not have been getting. The burden of proof for the medical board is much lower. I think the board will have no problem whatsoever maintaining their suspension of his license. As they should. This guy has no business examining patients or prescribing drugs. God knows that and will make sure we are all safe from his bad medical practice.

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