Matt Barkley as Arizona Cardinals Quarterback: Yay or Nay?

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Matt Barkley
This week in the Arizona Cardinals' desperate, years-long search for a functional quarterback: Matt Barkley.

According to one of the writers at the scouting combine this week, the Cardinals found Barkley "extremely impressive," and there's a "rumor" that the Cardinals are "very interested" in the USC quarterback. also noted that the local Cardinals reporters, Darren Urban and Kent Somers, both said they would be a bit surprised if the Cardinals grabbed Barkley with the seventh pick.

We'd be inclined to agree, if not only for the fact that the Cardinals have first-hand experience drafting one of USC's pretty-boy quarterbacks in Matt Leinart. Consider some others -- Mark Sanchez, John David Booty, Carson Palmer, Todd Marinovich (Sean Salisbury!?).

However, we'll leave it up to the readers. The last time we tested a quarterback rumor, just under half of New Times readers wanted Tim Tebow under center.

Would you want Matt Barkley as the Cardinals' quarterback?

Cast your vote below:

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No more USC quarterbacks! Leinert, Sanchez, enough said.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I vote for Manti Te'o. He can play, TE to Tim Tebow's QB. Yeah, rumor has it that the AZ Cardinals are trying to bring in Timmy.


Draft him in the second round.


After the success of rookie quarterbacks last season, don't be surprised to see the Cardinals try to jump on that bandwagon but end up being  a day late and a dollar short.


Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with those punches.

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