Leonard Orta Jr. Gets 18 Years in Prison for Starving 5-Year-Old Niece to Death

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Leonard Orta Jr.
A Phoenix man who let his 5-year-old niece starve to death in his apartment -- then did nothing as her body was decomposing in the apartment -- will be going to prison.

Leonard Orta Jr., 49, was sentenced to 18 years in prison, as part of a plea agreement, in which Orta pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

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His niece, 5-year-old Kaiya Kapahu, suffered from Rett Syndrome -- which prevented her from speaking or walking -- was sent by her family to Phoenix from Hawaii to live with relatives, so she could receive treatment she couldn't get in Hawaii.

The girl lived with Orta and her grandfather at the apartment, starting in July 2009.

Police believed that in January 2010, Orta stopped giving the girl her medications, and eventually stopped feeding her after the grandfather himself was having medical issues, and was hospitalized. According to a previously obtained police report, the girl died after 10 days.

While the girl's grandfather was at home recovering, he had asked Orta where the girl was. Orta insisted the girl had been hospitalized, but the grandfather continued to get suspicious.

Eventually, the grandfather could smell an odor coming from the girl's room -- which ended up being the smell of the girl's decomposing body -- and he demanded he be let in the room.

Orta denied him access, and the grandfather called police. Sure enough, the girl's body was in there. Police estimated the girl had been dead in the room for about a month.

Orta was initially charged with first-degree murder -- and other crimes -- but he ended up pleading guilty to a second-degree murder charge.

James King contributed to this post.

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It is very easy to be judgemental. The act is monstrous indeed. But his life is a tragedy. He became an alcoholic. I new him personally. In  his earlier days he was a very gifted eurythmist (dancer) and he looked much better than now! He performed on 4 continents. However, you guys frame of mind is on a neaderthalian level. You all stick to Hammurabis laws. Your thinking is single tracted and one dimensioned. You have no philosophical education. With this attitude You can only join the demons army of Ahriman. You have not yet reached human level -otherwise the Christian Philosophy would have transformed Your thinking! So before You throw the first stone expand Your thinking, widen Your heart and soften Your will by the studies of mind soal and will purifying spiritual literature!


Believe me as big and obese this monster looks in the photo. I'm sure being lock up he'll know what it feels like to be starved.... Now its his turn... He should have been listed to be put to sleep.... With Out... a single crumb in his body.. Give him a taste of his own medicine...


It takes a special kind of mother f*cker to mistreat a child. When word gets out that he's a child killer in the prison he's headed to, his fellow inmates will mete out their own forms of justice on him.


Not enough man, I say off with the losers head at once!


danzigsdaddy topcommenter

as much as i think Arrodondo got a slap on the wrist, kiss on the cheek and a cake walk for his crimes, i think this guy got off lighter than Arrodondo did


yep, obviously he has not passed up any buffets lately.  What a loser...only 18 years...I hope he is forced to walk around the prison yard with a big red target on his backside with instructions that he is a child killer and deserved to have his "time with the boys"...over and over and over....now that is exactly what this pathetic loser deserves.  Now that would be a kodak moment.


Too bad we live in a semi-civilized society where he can't be sujected to his own treatment. He surely doesn't look like he's suffered from a lack of food.  How many times did that little girl lay there and smell food cooking before she died?


@az_resident It is very easy to be judgemental! Do You know the detailed circumstances? It's a horrible act indeed! It's a tragedy. But its an act of an alcoholic. A tragic life of a very gifted artist (eurythmist/dancer) that went sour. In his earlier years he looked quite different!! I think Your moral frame of mind is still stagnant and retarded, so it sticks to Hammurabbis laws. surely You have not reached the Christian standard! A soldier in the army of demons. Satan is always the first one to throw the stone. Ask Yourself!!! Are You perfect? I dont think so!

So shape up and change Your heeden thinking! And read some mind, soal and spirit expanding literature!!!


Your Higher Self


@trankmonk  Too easy on the MFer!  As others have said, this guy needs to be in the main prison population with everyone knowing exactly what he did. 

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