Judy Burges or Steve Smith: Which Legislator Supports More Nutso Bills?

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Believe it or not, after listening to Republican state Senator Judy Burges run her mouth on an Agenda 21 conspiracy theory earlier this week, we're not actually sure if Burges is behind the craziest legislation at the capitol this session.

There's also Republican Representative Steve Smith, who's more of a young Russell Pearce than his is a conspiracy theorist, but some of the legislation he supports sucks nonetheless.

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So, we'll let you be the judge, dear reader. We'll list out the nutso legislation we could find that's sponsored by either lawmaker, and you decide which one's more nuts.

Since both legislators are sponsoring dozens of bills, we're bound to miss something, so don't shoot us if we miss your favorite crazy bill.

  • SB 1403: Putting a statewide ban on anything in Agenda 21
  • SB 1213: Letting teachers drop their opinions on "controversial" subjects, like global warming or evolution
  • HB 2573: Banning implementation of parts of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (The Defense Department's Budget)
  • SB 1112: Banning the enforcement of new federal gun laws
  • HB 2574: Bans police from using drones without a search warrant

  • HB 2290: A check to Russell Pearce from the taxpayers
  • HB 2284: Mandatory pledge of allegiance for all public-school students
  • HB 2291: Banning the enforcement of new federal gun laws
  • HB 2993: Turn hospital workers into immigration agents
  • HB 2467: High school loyalty oath

Cast your vote below:

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david_saint01 topcommenter

i think they are both so bat shit crazy they sleep upside down...


As others have noted, this is a tough one.  You'd think looking at their history would provide some sort of 'holy crap I that it is effin unreal' tie-breaker but nooo, they're nose and nose there too.

What scares me more is their constituencies...these two are OG's in the alternate reality batshit kingdom, yet, they've been re-elected more than a few times.


Hard call since both are nuttier than Fruitcakes.


I think that it is unfair of you, Matthew, to try to force us to make a decision about which of these wingnutsis more of a wingnut.  Can't we just call it a tie and criticize them both equally?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

I'm drinking bottled water from now on, its gotta be something in the water out here


@PissOnArpaio Difficult for me to decide too.  I think we should have had a third choice: "Both are bat shit crazy." 

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