Josh Bloom Led Cops on 40-Mile Chase; Was Wanted for Pointing Finger-Guns at Drivers

Based on multiple reports that a man was pretending his hands were guns, and pointing them at other drivers on State Route 238, police eventually found alleged finger-gunner Josh Bloom.

Bloom proceeded to lead police on a car chase that lasted for 40 miles on Friday afternoon, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

DPS officers pulled over Bloom, 35, after they located him, and observed him following another vehicle too closely, according to the documents.

Bloom told the officers he didn't have a driver's license -- they would later discover that it was suspended due to a DUI -- and the officers asked him to get out of his car.

According to the court documents, Bloom responded, "No sir," and sped away.

As he drove away, his side mirror hit one of the cops on the wrist, and when the officers caught up to Bloom and tried to pass him, he swerved over and nearly hit the officers, according to the documents.

Bloom was eventually stopped by officers who strategically struck Bloom's vehicle, but that was only after Bloom had made it about 40 miles, and made a call to 3TV in the process.

Court documents note that, at some point, Bloom also pointed his finger-gun at detectives.

Bloom was jailed on charges of aggravated assault, threatening, unlawful flight from law enforcement, and driving on a suspended license.

His bond was set at $10,000.

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Call dianne somebody could have been killed by that dangerous weapon. The Founding Fathers did not imagine that when they penned the 2A. and never intended for such a dangerous weapon. Thank god this has been discovered because now they can write an E.O. and get this on the list. I wonder what they will do when osambo speaks will they make everybody wear gloves and make people keep their hands in their pockets.? Only police and military should have access to these and of course exempt the usual suspects.  Oh the horror of it all  please dianne do something to get these dangerous weapons away from people so no kids have to die


Its a good thing that finger didn't have a pistol grip or bayonet mount or there would be an instant demand to start banning fingers.


Come on, He was just FINGER HAPPY,  the cops should've done the same, you know; and then just go: 'bang, bang, You are dead" ,  and the guy suppose to collapse.Cops have no sense of humor,come on, get a life!


I see this as a true case of mistaken intent. Mr. Bloom simply was suffering from horrendous flatulence and he couldn't seem to get any 'relief', thus he was pointing his finger at other drivers, beckoning them to, "Please pull my finger". The other drivers simply misunderstood his intent and called 9-1-1, or perhaps they might have called 9-1-1 to request an ambulance for him, instead. Not sure.

Regardless, this guy wouldn't do something like to call attention to himself, knowing his driver privilege is under suspension and he would likely go to jail if stopped, right?

I mean, that would be kind of stupid, yes?

Also, I think he was simply driving himself to jail so the troopers wouldn't have to be tied up with him, doing a transport.


Was his finger gun loaded? One less finger gun on the streets. 

jonnyquest topcommenter

But it met the 10 finger limit.

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