Jodi Arias Live Blog: Cross-Examination Continues Into Arias' Admitted Lies and Alleged Truths; UPDATES

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3:05 p.m. The prosecutor describes how Alexander was allegedly banging his head on a closet door.

Arias says she can't remember if the closet door had a lock. (This is interesting, since she claims she remembered he kept a gun in his closet while he was chasing her through it.)

Martinez asks if, in fact, she was the one chasing him.

"You're the one going up there," Martinez reminds her.

Judge Stephens calls the mid-afternoon recess, says we'll be back at 3:25.

Now 3:28 p.m. -- testimony resumes.

Arias describes banging his head, and then she called his name.

"He spun and faced me. He had the eyes of a madman. He screamed really loud."

Martinez notes that she previously talked about the "eyes of a madman."

Let's get back to August of 2008, Martinez says -- he's confused himself now -- he means 2007. But now suddenly he's back to June 4, 2008, talking about how Alexander grabbed her by the wrist.

"I was not looking at him," she says. "He yanked me toward him, and put his arms around me and squeezed... It was a firm squeeze, but it wasn't very hard."

The physical confrontation is over then, right? Martinez asks.


And this is the event that's going through your head when you're running down the hallway in June of 2008? Martinez leads her.

"No," she says. But, in fact, that is what she testified last week.

"You know nothing's going to happen, because nothing happened before, right?" Martinez asks.

"He didn't hurt me at all in August," she admits.

So the expectation is that he wouldn't hurt you? Martinez says -- Arias says no, that she was expecting more because of the event in April of 2008 in which "he choked me to unconsciousness."

Martinez asks her about the choking claim, and how there is no medical report, police report or any other evidence, such as her telling anyone.

"So all we have to go on is your word, right?" Martinez says.

arias self portrait 1.jpg
That's a good point for Martinez to make often, since Arias' credibility has been destroyed by her admitted lies. But the point is weakened by a sudden technical difficulty with the court recording system. Judge Stephens calls for a pause in the proceedings.

arias portrait sepia 1.jpg
Jodi Arias, photographer.
Problem solved. Martinez gets back to business.

To the alleged April fight: Arias says she told Matt McCartney, her ex-boyfriend, about it.

Martinez points out that, when interviewed, McCartney said he knew nothing about any such incident. He reminds her that if she did tell McCartney about the supposed injuries from a fight with Alexander, he wouldn't be able to see them because they were on the telephone.

Now Arias says there was no telephone call two or three days after Alexander allegedly bruised her, as she seemed to have said. She admits she got confused.

She says the "choking" occurred on a Tuesday, and she left Arizona to move home to Yreka, California, a couple of days later. Martinez asks her if this was the trip that ended with her coming back to Arizona. She can't quite recall. But she remembers getting to California in the late afternoon, where she met Gus Searcy, a Pre-Paid Legal employee she knew.

This story is getting confused -- Arias remembers sleeping in the truck she used to move home. Martinez grills her on the timeline. Arias can't quite remember when she sleeps, when she gets up, when she left or when she arrived.

Arias says she had make-up on her neck and arms, covering up her bruises. McCartney noticed the bruises, not Searcy, she says.

Martinez plays a segment of the "48 Hours" interview, and notes that McCartney was the first, or one of the first, people she called after the June 4 slaying.

"So when push comes to shove, he's not going to betray you, right?" Martinez says. "He's somebody that, if you need a favor, he'd help you out, right?"

She won't fully agree to this. But does agree McCartney's an "ally" and friend.

According to reports from over the weekend, last week's testimony about codes sent to McCartney in magazines Arias had possessed in jail are connected to forged letters that seem to support Arias' contention that Alexander liked little boys.

4:08 p.m. -- Martinez plays an excerpt of an Arias TV interview in which she explains why she's smiling in her mug shot after being arrested. She says she smiled because Alexander would smile, it would be all over the Internet so "why not," and because there was "no reasons to be upset over this" because she knows she didn't hurt Alexander.

Martinez asks her what that was all about, since we know Arias changed her story and knew she actually did hurt Alexander. The prosecutor asks if she didn't just make up all that stuff to make herself feel better.

Thrown in her face: Her statements to TV reporters that she wouldn't be convicted because she would have committed suicide.

More "48 Hours:" Arias describes how she moved to Mesa for Alexander, and how he "convinced" her to come. That implies she didn't really want to do it, Martinez says.

"What you're saying is, it wasn't your fault," in terms of moving to Arizona, Martinez says.

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Mr. Martinez -  Please find the gun.  It will be traced back to Jodi Arias Grandfather.  If she really wants to clear her name she will remember, and show you where she got rid of the gun.  This women can never be allowed to be free again in her life.

Greg Guerrero
Greg Guerrero


Eric W. N. Mulenfeld
Eric W. N. Mulenfeld

if she is found guilty and doesnt get it then what does it say about the fairness of the death penalty, and thus also the validity? i don't agree with making examples of people but its pretty clear to anyone with eyes shes pimping her self out as a woman to try and avoid it.

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