Jodi Arias Live Blog: Cross-Examination Continues Into Arias' Admitted Lies and Alleged Truths; UPDATES

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alexander last shower 1.jpg
Jodi Arias took a series of photos of Travis Alexander in the shower before butchering him.
Jury members, by the way, are still looking very wide awake. Can't see them all, but every one we see is looking at Arias and Martinez. One guy has his spectacles balanced on his forehead and a hand on his chin, looking interested.

The journal entry ends, "I love him," followed by his signature.

Martinez asks if the journal entry corroborates her story of him hitting her.

"No -- that's the goal," she answers.

Martinez asks her if he asked if that was the goal, and she answers no.

Arias mentions that her "injuries" are also evidence.

Martinez says he wants to see the photographs, if there are injuries. He goes over the fact that there are no photos, medical reports or any other kind of evidence to corroborate her story of a physical fight in the car.

2:45 p.m. Now we see a text message from March 1, 2008, the day of the alleged fight in the car, from 9:28 p.m. The text says, "Hi, Sweetie, I hope ur enjoying ur party. May I please drive the BWM to church tomorrow? I only need it for that day and I'll bring it back b4 the day is over."

Martinez asks why Arias wants to drive the BWM, since she just said he would use her car that day, and that her car was "better."

Was she trying to impress someone?

She claims her car didn't "fit everyone," and she wanted to drive some missionaries around. He asks what time the services started the next day.

Alexander responded to her request: "Of course." To which she responds, "Thanks baby! You're the best!"

She says she wrote that to make him feel good. Martinez says that implies she was lying about him being the "best."

"The best at what?" she says coyly.

This line of questioning is a merry-go-round.

Arias denies that, as Martinez says, it "doesn't make sense" for her to write he was the "best" after he so recently hit her. She says it does make sense, because they'd apologized and made up for the fight.

We see the same close-up on the overhead screen of Arias' allegedly finger as we saw last week. Arias claims the picture shows that her finger is injured. Yet the picture shows no apparent problem with her finger.

Martinez finally scores one -- gets her to admit bluntly that she previously admitted her finger was hurt on June 4, 2008, the date of the murder, instead of in another fight she claims she had with Alexander in January. This was always proven by the evidence, but Arias had been cagey about the matter in last week's testimony.

Martinez leading her through last week's testimony, in which she told the court that when Alexander was allegedly chasing her through the house on June 4, 2008, before she killed him, he had a flashback to a fight they'd had in August of 2007. Yet, as Martinez makes her recall, that fight ended with a hug and an apology.

"So he's angry when he grabs your wrist, right?" Martinez questions.

"I don't know," she answers, and Martinez asks her to explain further.

The June 4 fight supposedly started downstairs, Martinez recalls.

"You weren't afraid at that point, were you?" he asks.

When she remarks, "a little bit," Martinez queries about her state of mind while downstairs. Arias, curiously, distinguishes between her "state of mind" and her "conclusions."

The rabbit hole goes deeper...

Arias says Alexander hit his palm on the wall, which scared her. But she's still downstairs at this point.

"You didn't pick up the phone and call 911, did you?"


Martinez asks if he damaged the door.

"Which door?" she retorts. Not a great answer.

Arias admits, in response to a question, that she and Martinez are "having problems communicating."

Arias is "alarmed and stunned," by Alexander's behavior, and hearing thumps upstairs. So she goes upstairs.

"And he's not any danger to you up there, is he?" ... "Did you perceive any danger?"

"Not immediately," she answers.

"Till you get there, right?" Martinez answers for her.

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Mr. Martinez -  Please find the gun.  It will be traced back to Jodi Arias Grandfather.  If she really wants to clear her name she will remember, and show you where she got rid of the gun.  This women can never be allowed to be free again in her life.

Greg Guerrero
Greg Guerrero


Eric W. N. Mulenfeld
Eric W. N. Mulenfeld

if she is found guilty and doesnt get it then what does it say about the fairness of the death penalty, and thus also the validity? i don't agree with making examples of people but its pretty clear to anyone with eyes shes pimping her self out as a woman to try and avoid it.

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