Jodi Arias Live Blog: Cross-Examination Continues Into Arias' Admitted Lies and Alleged Truths; UPDATES

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alexander last shower 2.jpg
Travis Alexander's last shower picture before he was murdered.
It's 1:30 p.m., and Monday's lunch recess has just ended. Jodi Arias has re-taken the witness stand and casts a mellow gaze toward the defense side of the courtroom as she waits for the jury to file in.

The afternoon session begins with a long attorney sidebar at the bench.

2 p.m. -- Long sidebar over, now back on subject of flowers sent by Jodi Arias to Alexander's grandmother, who raised him.

Martinez prepares to play excerpts from Arias' 2008 interviews with 48 Hours. The tape plays: We see how five years ago, Arias looks into the cameras and says she'll eventually know what happened.

"If it were my brother, I'd want to know what his last minutes were like," she says, in saying how Alexander's family deserve to know what happened.

She explains in the tape how she sent 20 white irises to Norma Sarvey and sent a "short and simple" letter.

Martinez asks her if the letter wasn't, in fact, 18 pages long. She agrees. And Martinez explains how the letter contains the bogus story about the two intruders.

"Did they deserve that lie?" he asks.

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arias 48 hours screen grab 022513.jpg
Arias in an excerpt of the 2008 interview with 48 Hours played in court today.
"I guess not," she says.

Martinez asks her whether she's sure.

"I felt the alternative was worse," she says, prompting Martinez to ask whether she had to send them a letter.

Arias says she was "encouraged" to send the letter, but Martinez gets her to admit that being encouraged to write the letter doesn't justify the lies in it.

Martinez talks about how Arias claimed in early March of 2008, after telling Alexander she was moving to California, he hit her in the "neck area."

He hit you in the car while you were arguing? Martinez asks. "That's a lie, isn't it?"

"No," she says.

Martinez refers to one of Arias' journal entries, hands it to her to read. Jodi's reading it.

The entry says, "Friday 3-2-08 Well, I didn't get back to writing last night. Let's see, Friday, I went over to T-dogg's [Alexander's] for a while to clean. Shortly thereafter he went out to go rock climbing w/Mimi Hall, their 3rd date, or 2 1/2, really... He said it went really well. I accidentally fell asleep so I was there when he returned. I was supposed to go four-wheeling but missed out because I was exhausted and fell asleep."

Arias says she fell asleep on his "love sack," outside of his bedroom. Then she talks about the next morning, when he picked her up to take her to a tax seminar. The entry says they didn't go to the seminar, and she told him she planned to move back to Yreka.

She wrote this will "help us move on and close the gap." What did she mean?

"Meaning to close the physical relationship," she says.

The entry goes on, "Travis and I talked some more in his car..."

This is the car ride during the alleged hit that Alexander inflicted on her. Asked why she didn't write about being hit by Alexander, she says "of course" she wouldn't write that, leading to more arguments by Martinez about whether she did or didn't have "free will" to write down the truth in her own journal.

Martinez's combative style leads defense attorney Kirk Numri to call another sidebar.

arias sidebar monday 022513.jpg
One of the many sidebars in the Arias trial. Here, lawyers confer at the bench of Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens on Monday afternoon.
Arias' journal entry continues that the talk in the car was "the beginning of a bitter sweet closure. He is my best friend in the whole world."

"And you're saying that about an individual who just hit you, right?"


Martinez reads more from the journal entry. She wrote that it would be "unimaginable" to live without Alexander, "but it has to be this way."

The prosecutor asks her if it's "okay" for them to have phone sex while they're apart. Arias says it wouldn't be "okay" for her religion.

Martinez uses this as a segue to describe how little she knows about the "FHE" Mormon event he discussed last week.

"You don't know what happens at Family Home meetings, right?" Martinez hammers.

Arias says something about Martinez's tone, drawing an objection from Martinez and quick rebuke to Arias by Judge Stephens.

More from the journal entry: Description of a kiss. "I love his kiss."

Martinez notes for the millionth time that she didn't write something about the backhand Alexander supposedly gave her.

"Of course not," she says again, spurring more seeming frustration from Martinez.

Perhaps Martinez wants Arias to toy with him like this, and wants to seem frustrated before the jury.

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Mr. Martinez -  Please find the gun.  It will be traced back to Jodi Arias Grandfather.  If she really wants to clear her name she will remember, and show you where she got rid of the gun.  This women can never be allowed to be free again in her life.

Greg Guerrero
Greg Guerrero


Eric W. N. Mulenfeld
Eric W. N. Mulenfeld

if she is found guilty and doesnt get it then what does it say about the fairness of the death penalty, and thus also the validity? i don't agree with making examples of people but its pretty clear to anyone with eyes shes pimping her self out as a woman to try and avoid it.

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