Jodi Arias Live Blog: Arias Describes How She Killed Travis Alexander in 2008; She Recalls Shooting Him, But Not Stabbing Him or Slashing His Throat

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Jodi Arias described today how she followed through on her plan to meet a romantic interest in Utah, Ryan Burns (above). Burns previously testified that the two had a make-out session in Utah the day after she killed Alexander in Mesa.

Arias says she was scared of what would happen to her and her family.

"I was thinking of having to explain that... How the day ended up unfolding. I was just really scared."

She was scared going through the Hoover Dam federal enforcement checkpoint, too, thinking she'd be caught right there and then.

(We imagine she had an "I just killed someone" look on her face, but the agents at the checkpoint are just looking out for terrorists...)

Arias says she contemplated killing herself.

Says she didn't want anybody to know that happened, or that she did it. She took several steps "to try and make it seem like I wasn't ever there."

(Of course, the evidence shows she took such steps even before arriving at Alexander's house. For instance, Arias apparently stole the gun from her grandparent's Yreka home, rented a car instead of taking hers, and used gas cans to avoid filling up her tank in Arizona, which would have left a record.)

Says she left a voice mail for Alexander -- she tried to sound cheery, but was crying. So she deleted that and several other recordings, listening to each one until she found one that was "good enough."

She says she figured someone would soon be listening to all of Alexander's voice mails, and she wanted to "throw the scent off" of her.

She kept driving.

"I realized that in order to keep up that pretense, I had to keep up the schedule" of her road trip. She decided to keep going to Utah.

Arias says -- and has testified previously -- that the main purpose for the trip was to see and get to know Ryan Burns, the guy from Utah she liked.

She knew the expectation of others when she got to Utah would be for her to be her normal, "happy-go-lucky" self.

Ryan Burns previously testified in the case that he and Arias had a make-out session the day after she brutally killed Alexander.

We're in the cafeteria right now, waiting for the afternoon recess to end so we can hear more from Arias. Before the break. there was some Q&A about the cuts on Arias hands -- amazingly, she seems to be sticking to the story that she cut her hand at a bar "at work," even though Arias said nothing today to refute the apparent fact that she's the one who stabbed him.

Police say she was the only one in the home at the time of the murder.

Arias denied being with Alexander at all when first contacted by police about two weeks after Alexander's body was found. She was arrested on July 15, 2008, after Mesa police found several key pieces of evidence -- including recovered pictures from a camera that had been put in a washing machine. The pictures show what happened in the minutes before and after the murder.

Arias then switched her story, claiming that two masked intruders had broken in and tried to kill Travis Alexander. In this version, she managed to escape the violent scene in Mesa -- and then had the make-out session with Burns in West Jordan, Utah, the next day.

She later came up with a third story, the one she's sticking to now: That she killed Alexander in self-defense, following a fight.

Arias testified today that the fight that directly preceded her first violent act toward him, the gunshot, began after he grew furious that she'd dropped his new camera. This just doesn't seem believable, either. They'd just had sex a couple of times, and the camera hadn't been damaged. Plus, Alexander was a successful businessman. A dropped camera isn't a big deal.

Arias is expected to resume her testimony at 1:20 p.m.

Click here for live blogging from the afternoon testimony.

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