Jodi Arias Live Blog: Arias Describes How She Killed Travis Alexander in 2008; She Recalls Shooting Him, But Not Stabbing Him or Slashing His Throat

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Jodi Arias became emotional on the stand while describing the events on June 4, 2008.

"Eventually, I was in the desert. I don't know where. It got dark," she says.

As she's related some of this story, she occasionally sniffles or seems choked up with emotion. Still, she's pretty calm.

"I don't remember bringing the gun with me, but I remember throwing it," she says, responding to a question by Numri.

Where'd she throw it?

"In the desert."

What about the robe?

"Eventually, it went into a dumpster."


"It was behind a gas station. I think it was somewhere up near St. George, (Utah)."

As previous testimony related, Arias set out on the road trip from her hometown of Yreka, California, in order to see a romantic interest in Utah. Going to the home of Alexander, her ex-boyfriend, was a detour.

Arias she says she did have blood on her.

She rinsed her hands off with a water bottle from the car.

She says she knew her "life was done" at that point. She felt really bad.

Nurmi asks if she still loved him then, and still loves him now.

She says it's a "different' love now, but still does love him.

She's describing trying to get a phone signal while in the desert, saying people were probably wondering where she was.

By the way, if you want to watch this live, there are several media outlets broadcasting it. We've been occasionally using the Channel 5 (KPHO-TV) feed.

After crossing the Hoover Dam, she realized she as in "really deep trouble."

So, she started thinking about how to try to delay the inevitable.

In other words, how to get away with this as long as possible.

Numri asks her why she didn't call 911.

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