Jodi Arias Live Blog: Arias Describes How She Killed Travis Alexander in 2008; She Recalls Shooting Him, But Not Stabbing Him or Slashing His Throat

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Jodi Arias sobs as she relates how she shot Travis Alexander before fleeing his home. She claims not to recall stabbing him numerous times or slashing his throat.

"When I grabbed the gun, I ran out of the closet. He was chasing me. I turned around .. and pointed it him with both of my hands," she says. "Like a linebacker, he got kind of low and grabbed my waist."

She says "the gun went off."

She didn't even know she shot him. He fell. They wrestled. "He's grabbing at my clothes, and we got up, and he's just screaming, angry."

He yelled, "Gonna fucking kill you, bitch," she claims.

"After the gun went off, I thought, crap, he's really going to be pissed now," she says.

Nurmi asks her to go on.

She says there are "a lot of gaps" in her memory from that day, and doesn't remember taking the pictures from the time of the murder.

She's not sure if she "blacked out or what" but remembers doing a lot of driving in the desert.

Nurmi asks if she remembers stabbing Alexander.

"I have no memory of stabbing him," she answers.

Nurmi asks what she does remember. She has a vague memory of putting the knife in the dishwasher.

He prods her: "What else do you remember?"

"Not much," she says.

But she describes her emotions as "mortal terror" after "pissing him off."

She remembers driving west only because the sun was in her eyes. "I didn't know where I was going."

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