Jennifer Dempsey, Alleged Age/Pregnancy/Cancer Faker, Pleads Not Guilty

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Phoenix PD
Jennifer Dempsey
Jennifer Dempsey, the 35-year-old Phoenix woman accused of lying about her age to teenage boys she had sex with, lying about being pregnant, and lying about having cancer, pleaded not guilty to her charges this morning.

The actual charges she's facing are related to Dempsey's meeting a pair of teenage boys -- ages 14 and 16 -- on Facebook and having sex with them, according to Phoenix police.

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She told those boys -- who didn't know each other -- that she was 16 years old, even though she's really 35. She also told both of the boys that she was pregnant and ended up having a meeting about it with one of the boys' parents, police said.

According to police, Dempsey was interviewed after someone turned over some incriminating text messages, and she admitted to having sex with the 16-year-old boy but not the 14-year-old.

While interviewing her about these alleged crimes, detectives discovered that the chemotherapy port on her chest was fake.

Dempsey had been telling her family that she had cancer for five years, and shaved her head, bought wigs, and taped the chemo port to her chest in an effort to prove it, police said.

A police spokesman said Dempsey didn't comment on her fake chemo port.

While it's all scummy, Dempsey's facing seven charges only for sexual misconduct with minors.

With Dempsey's not-guilty plea at her arraignment, her next court date is scheduled for April 10.

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All other comments aside, "ended up having a meeting.... parents"---- are you kidding me, the PARENTS didn't see that this gal was not 16? No, I don't buy that. Plus, we are wasting tax money on such a stupid thing-16 should be old enough to consent.---> Recall Sheriff Joe. ( I know he doesn't have anything to do with this)

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

To her purported "victims": Well, guys, that was the last tail you're gonna get for quite a while! I hope enjoyed it. Your helicopter parents are not letting you out of their sight until you're at least 18. I'm glad it was fun while it lasted. You rascals! Ps: File that all away for future reference. When you out lookin' for "babes," just remember: Women reach their peak of sexual arousal at around age 35.

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