Go Daddy CEO Won't Apologize for Gross Super Bowl Ad, Claims to Think It's "Hilarious"

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Imagine that -- people at Go Daddy are happy the company's Super Bowl commercial caused controversy, as watching and listening to some fatso make out with a supermodel made people feel like they wanted to vomit.

In fact, the Scottsdale-based company that has relied on cleavage for many of its previous Super Bowl ads sent over the press release to explain how happy the Go Daddy people are that people are grossed out.

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"We're not going to apologize for 'The Kiss,'" Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving says in the press release. "It's sparking conversations. It was approved by network Standards and Practices and it uses humor to illustrate the point about how powerful a combination 'sexy' and 'smart' are. Personally, I think it's hilarious!"

Irving appears to be part of a minority -- at the time of this post, more than 72 percent of New Times readers reported the urge to vomit after witnessing this advertisement.

As for the fatso, this isn't his first rodeo. Turns out, Jesse Heiman has been in a ton of movies and TV shows:

Also, if you trust Go Daddy's PR department, it took 45 takes of the kiss to get it right, which sounds incredibly disgusting.

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ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

"I don't care what you write about me so long as you spell my name correctly." -- Oscar Wilde (and others)


Good! They should not have to apologize!



you can see this everyday.....it's called porn!

Ron Jeremy is popular because,as he say's"guy's will watch a fat hairy guy do a hot chick...and think,that could be me!"


You seem envious, Mr. Hendley.

Good for him. He got some serious tongue from a lady and likely made some serious money at the same time. Capitalism, at it's best.


Probably that's how it sounds when Jaffy is slurping on the Old Fool. LMAO. I couldn't resist saying it.


This guy is the kind of all extras! So many people have seen him that he was perfect for them to use. And what is wrong with a hot chick kissing a fat guy? 

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol so they made a commercial with a super hot chick making out with a nerdy looking fat kid..big deal. personally, i think they should have shown more skin from Bar lol 


While GoDaddy's name may be garnering increased attention as a result of this ad, will their business see an increase also?  We shall see . . . .


45 takes to get it right?  You know Jesse Heiman was loving that.  You should see the soft-core version of this one........

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