Exclusive: MCSO Sex Crimes Internal Investigation Reports Online

As our exclusive video of Arpaio's testimony from last year's Joel Fox termination appeal hearing shows, Hendershott was just following Arpaio's lead on the issue of written documentation.

Arpaio explains in his videotaped testimony that he never wrote memos or emails, and didn't ever require Hendershott to put anything in writing.

See, Arpaio doesn't like paper trails, either. And still doesn't - even though he admitted to county lawyer at the hearing that he "probably should" put things in writing.

In Lieutenant Hank Brandimarte's interview with Licking, Brandimarte explained the difficulties of trying to deal with Kim Seagraves, the sergeant over the sex-crimes unit, when she was engaged to Terry Young, then the deputy chief over internal affairs:

Now on another occasion, uh, I walk in. She has a large crock pot with, uh, barbeque beef in it, which I thought was funny because we weren't havin' a pot luck so I asked her about it. And she said well, this is for Terry.

And I said well, what's, what's for Terry? Well, he's leaving for a weekend retreat on Dave Hendershott's boat, which was commonplace at the time.

You know as a supervisor when you piece all these things together, you worry about okay, if I, if I write her up or if I transfer her, what's the repercussion to me? And I think it has been established, um, there, there is, there was that was the culture of the organization at the time, which has since changed, uh, but it certainly it's a real fear to hold a subordinate accountable who's connected, married to a Chief who's connected to the Deputy Chief. And I, I think that's a, a, a real fear. Does that make an excuse? No, but I just think that it's important to note that interdynamics between people
when you're trying to hold somebody accountable for substandard performance versus how is this gonna affect my career in the long run?

Um, I that that's all I can explain. Uh, you know I, I had to believe based on what she was tellin' me and what she knew and who she, uh, uh, referred to as a resource that what she was tellin' me was the truth and, uh, I just you know I could have pushed her, but I just didn't know how it would impact me. Subsequently, uh, you know it's one of those
regrets that you have that that you try to see a bigger picture and it's not always as clear as you think it is. So I just thought that was important to note that, uh, while you could argue that that, uh, you know I failed on some level, uh, I, I think there were other issues at play within the organization and, and it's culture at that time.

Seagraves, who was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant while she was being investigated for alleged incompetence, threatened to sue the agency if she was held solely responsible for the sex-crimes problems. Supervisors decided last year to punish Seagraves and several other deputies for not following procedures, improperly storing evidence and other problems.

You'll read about some of their screw-ups in these pages, but the actions of the lower-level employees still appear to reflect their poor management. The chaos was created from above -- as Deputy Chief Brian Sands noted in updated letters sent recently to the deputies who would have been disciplined. Sands told the employees that the problems were systemic and not the fault of any particular individuals. (For some reason, those letters weren't included with the recent release, either.)

The 71-page transcript of Seagrave's interview, for example, has an interesting passage that relates how the sex-crimes unit deputies were excited for a short time, believing that a child-abuse unit was going to be created, reducing their large workload. They were shown new cars that were to be used by the new unit, which would likely include some members of the existing sex-crimes unit. Seagraves says that when it became clear the unit, though funded by the county, wouldn't be created after all, they saw the vehicles go to Arpaio's pet project -- the Human Smuggling Unit.

We'll keep reading through this stuff over the next few days and let you know if we see anything else good.

Documents below:

Sex crimes IA case summary

Captain Whitney interview

Captain Whitney, another interview

Lieutenant Brandimarte interview

Lieutenant Seagraves interview

Another Seagraves interview

Lieutenant McCann interview

Sergeant Lugo interview

Sergeant Lewis interview

Deputy Rojas interview

Deputy Haarala interview

Investigator Bruce Tucker's case activity log 08-09

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

i think i see Arpaio's plan for law enforcement. he figures that he has to stop illegals  over rape and molestation because most of those kids will age and lose their appeal to the people who prey on them, the hispanics however will always be brown and that appeals to the idiots who keep re-electing him.   and all this time i didnt understand it, it was because i tried to look at it in a way other than as a racist. you miss a lot of his plan if you cant allow yourself to be blinded by hate

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I realize that this may be a dumb question, but will any of this stuff ever result in criminal indictments?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

the one thing that should be included in this article is something that KPHO brought up when the report was released.  there was NO activity on these cases for the 2012 year and the investigation was concluded in 2011. the only activity after 2011 was the inclusion of a letter stating that no disciplinary action was taken (and that was included in 2013 when they released the report). so the whole time Arpaio was trying to win back votes that he had lost because of the un-investigated crimes, by saying he re-opened the cases or was having them re-investigated.....WAS A FLAT OUT LIE.  you can read about it by going to the KPHO site and looking up  "MCSO sex crimes investigation blank during election campaign". they took all that info from MCSO's report, that was done by MCSO about MCSO. 


Thanks, Ray, for the work you and Lemons have done staying on top of this.

Arpaio is the elected official in charge of the agency - the agency's CEO, if you will.  As such, Arpaio bears full responsibility for everything that occurs in his agency, whether he handled it personally or not.  Arpaio is responsible and needs to be held accountable. 

david_saint01 topcommenter

all this does is cement the theory of failure of MCSO under the leadership under Arpaio. Whether he is directly involved or not, to admit he has no idea what his people are doing is admitting to negligence. The anti recall people want a valid reason for the recall? There you go...


One could ask either Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne or US Attorney General Eric Holder or the US Attorney for Arizona John Leonardo.  I doubt you would get any sort of useful answer before you heard about it in the 5 PM TV news.  All any of us can do is either hope or pray that the powers that be do the job they are paid and obligated to do.  The rest is in their hands.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@eric.nelson745  not even to the people who committed the crimes. those cases have been refiled in the MCSO circular file can.  now that the election is over.....out of sight, out of mind. (of course Joe may still try to use these people one more time to avoid the recall)


@danzigsdaddy And that is the exact answer that should be given whenever someone objects to prusuing a recall so closely after the most recent election - Joe lied and lied and lied about his job performance as Sheriff while he was running for office only to release the truth 3 months later and, now that the truth hsa been released, it is appropriate to ask the voters once again if they continue to want him to serve as their Sheriff.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@david_saint01 Read "IF there are any victims", by Bill Louis.

Arpaio either knew, or he needs help to find his office every day.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@Thane.Eichenauer  not arguing with you Thane, but the whole reason for the election and recall process is there because if the powers that be wont do their jobs (or do it right) we are given the option to take it out of their hands and put it somewhere else. so in a way the whole election and recall is putting it in our hands. we were the ones that screwed up and let him get into office and now its up to us to remove him. hopefully enough people are now seeing that he does NOT enforce all the laws like he claims and do something about it. at what point will the people who did vote for him realize that they are trading the safety of their children just to make a small ineffective dent in immigration?


@WhoKnows @david_saint01 Let's not forget he is driven wherever he doesn't fly to. And when walking he is surrounded by MCSO 'employees' of the knuckle dragging sort. He doesn't attend the budget meetings where every other department head was in attendance. He does only what he wants to do, unless there is a threat of going to jail involved. He is a seriously mentally sick old man.

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